Friday, 14 December 2012

Date #2 At MeatLiquor

On the first date I ate a duck noodle stir fry and got hoisin sauce down my t-shirt. So by this point, any notion that I am in fact a lady has already gone well and truly out of the window. Damage done, I thought we may as well hit up MeatLiquor for date number two. Giant burgers with extra sauce, yes perlease. Please note despite red lights we were were actually in MeatLiquor, not a photographers dark room/seedy strip club. Sorry Sam.
SCS decided we should share (obvs still trying to impress) so we opted for the green chilli cheeseburger and the dead hippie, with a side of fries and onion rings that were practically the same size as my funny shaped head (his words, not mine #dumpedalready).
Burgers were epic, as were the cocktails and the vegetarian hating wall art. Teeny tiny cans of beer, not so much.
Next time I'll eat a steak with my bare hands. If he sticks around I think it might be love.
Eichler x