Thursday, 28 June 2012

An East End Fry Up

Who'd have knew round the corner in mile end massive was this little puppy. The fry up to end all fry ups thanks to the pavilion. For £9 this could be yours . Milk
Optional (unless you're wheat and dairy intolerant that is) FML

Only criticism was the beans, they tried to make them
Posh, Where the hell was the Heinz?! You're still in mile end FFS, know your customer.
Toppers (nice Ray Bans) enjoying the dine.. He even liked the beans, but then again he's the kind of guy that lives on a houseboat, rides a vespa and reads george Orwell for fun.. For FUN?!!
Now where'd I put my Dan Brown

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Week Of Greggs

Every year Greggs (sans Paddy McGuinness) set up shop and give away free food to the half starved IPC employees. Today, expectations went through the roof - sausage sandwiches, pain au chocolat, brownies, flapjacks....and this bad boy..Mr Pudsey Bear (gingerbread flavour). So big it covered Fiona's face. I sit opposite Downie so would love her to wear this strapped to her head all day, but annoyingly she's a wheato so I think she might come out in a rash. Today Greggs, tomorrow Gregg Wallace's joint with Internacionale. Maybe on Friday I might shack up with Greg James. Ideal man hashtag.

Monday, 25 June 2012

An Impromptu Italian (or two)

My dearest friend Carina came to the big smoke today for the first time in about ten years since we went to the worst university in the world (UEL) together. After searching for what seemed like years for a yellow dress and Carina near on breaking down in River Island we met her lovely sister Lucia (Jodie's new MC buddy) and Sam Pert (that's his name, don't wear it out) for a spot of dinner. Me and Sam shared an italian platter (swore we were in french restaurant- how'd you pronounce it again Louie?), Lucia had the frittata and Carina had the cheese board - I knew there was a reason we became such close friends. We had a delightful view of Liberty (Sam's head excluded) and then we finished the evening with a spot of ivory tinkling on Carnaby streets piano. Unfortunately Sam knew no songs from Annie the musical but it was charming all the same. Best Monday night in a while, I'll say. Tomorrow is only a day away.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Healthy Breakfast

It's Sunday. Which means by all accounts I should be nursing a stonking hangover and craving sausage and egg sandwiches.

Not today. This weekend I am high on life having become an auntie (no i won't stop banging on about it) hannah:1, hangover: 0.

Nevertheless my breakfast was top notch. Porridge (quaker) with strawberries, sultanas, sliced banana and honey. Delicious AND nutritious

Just going to walk the dog and off to see my sister and her baby boy. Did I mention I'd become an auntie this week?? Here's a pic of Oliver James - i will be blogging his food intake too when he gets a bit older FYI.

Proud Aunty Eichler

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pure Indulgence

Well if sunday evening isn't the perfect time for a bit of gratuitous eye candy I don't know when the hell is.



Our kind of Sunday lunch

Always ones to start our own trend, (mile end Asian themed parties, taking tupperware to press days, comedy double acts and Initiating office based dares...oh the lolz)
we've said goodbye to the obvious meat and two veg, pah, and hello to high swank factor leftovers and picky bits, with not a cocktail sausage in sight. Now that Mile End has gone upmarket (it's pretty much hosting the Olympics AND we just got a branch of Subway opposite Perfect Fried Chicken) we thought its about time we followed suit.

First up rare organic roast beef with broadbean, pea and Parmesan salad. (we made this by taking it out of the doggy bag taken from 10 Greek Street on Thursday night, thanks impulse pr)

Then came garlic, tomato, basil and mozerella salad,

With a side of marinated calamari and Parma ham. We aint messin - this is high class shit.

We then made Marco's famous guacamole, see previous post for thorough Italian/English instructions, and the finale was a roasted red pepper and jersey royal fritatta which we brought out slightly too early due to greed #salmonella #weightloss #bringiton

Followed by big mug of tea and bitsa wispa. What?! We're keeping it real.

Note Andrews demonstrating the high street hottest claw, loved by the likes of 'I just dont get it' Gorrigan. What can I say the girl's a risk taker.. I wish I'd have had such creative insight.

That and stalking people we don't really know on Facebook....That's Sunday perfection right there.

Nellist and Andrews

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10 greek st feast (no dishes were broken)

So we headed to the new Soho (queue for food) joint 10 Greek st. Luckily for us the wonderful impulse ladies thought ahead and booked us into the private dinning room. It did mean we all had to have the same thing, queue fuss pots Jodie and Kate having their own menus due to the rest of us loving a meat heavy feast. So we had v. Rare beef, or veggie burrata and asparagus (yummiest starter ever). Roast belly of pork with a mountain of potatoes and spring greens. A excellent cheese board and a chocolate torte that was so rich the only way to eat it was with ... Cream obvs. Although we ate our body weight there was still tones left over (even after Gemma and Hannah's women vs food challenge- Gemma won by eating 2 portions of chocolate torte, not easy). So Jodie stepped up to take the left overs to her new MC crew, you see they never get treated to posh nosh like us so we wanted to share the love and that's just how we roll.

Gifty's Pepper Sauce

Now we don't normally do shameless product plugging per se but these pepper sauces I bought (yes readers) yesterday are so incredibly good I thought I should share my new found knowledge #thoughtful.

So i found myself at HanwelI Carnival - its a small area west of ealing in london (practically rural). The procession consisted of one very good steel band, a few people dressed up as princesses, the local mayor who came along and shook everyone's hand (take note Boris) and the piece de resistance: the red wheelbarrows - Hanwell's very own version of the Red Arrows - people dressed in red pushing red wheelbarrows. Maj LOLz - you can imagine. It also had a fairground with some sheep you could stroke and lots of Farmer's Market type stallls which is where I found Gifty's.

To cut the crap, if you like real pepper sauce (not the gloopy sweet stuff) then this is for you. Gifty's Red Hot Pepper version is 8/10 on the Spice Up Your Life scale which is just about perfect as far as I'm concerned (after all I quite like to feel my tongue after eating though it is still HOT), whilst the Cucumber Pepper sauce was much milder but just deliciously cool, sort of spicy but not - a sensation I'd liken to finding a natural water pool half way through a hike in the Gobi desert wearing a bikini. Refreshment force ten. They're also slightly sour in a good way. A taste sensation and also utterly fat free (true!) and suitable for vegans if you're that way inclined. They make it all themselves (there are lots of other flavours too). I paid £2.50 a pot which isn't cheap but my gawd it's good stuff.


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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Canteen with Mint Velvet

Nope we're not talking the blue sky cafe (which is cool, contrary to the belief of some monthly titles). Myself and Maxine, who I noted has the best food based surname ever (eggenberger - geddit??) hit up Canteen at royal festival hall with Ashleigh from Mint Velvet. In my streak of trying new breakfast options, i opted for bubble and squeak pattie with poached eggs and crispy bacon. What I enjoyed, other than the taste obvs, which was exemplary, that this dish is so well rounded, and this is why.

1. It's basically the breakfast version of meat and two veg (and egg)
2. It has all integral food groups covered - carbs, protein, and fibre
3. It uses a range of cooking methods - poached, boiled, fried, grilled.

Whoever invented this dish is a genius.


Friday, 15 June 2012

A Right Royal Picnic

So Lizzie invited us round for a garden party yeah (that's HRH to you) and what a lovely spread it was!

That's right folks, jubilee weekend called for a British feast in St James Park for the mile end massives (and Jonesy, Hendo and Turtle). There were only a select few invited so we were very lucky.

Check out the spread...

We pulled out all the stops too. Smoked salmon, mini baby bel, coronation chicken and even iced buns. Ain't no expense spared at this feast

Jodie got well into it. Everyone in the park was well jel of that flag.

Jake ignored my non complex carbs ban and tucked into the pork pies (his hips will pay for it later... Just sayin)

Mills even donned a cricket jumper. When in Rome, or er, England.

I kept Jones' coronation chicken where it belonged. On my lap.

Jonesy baked celebratory cupcakes with patriotic decoration. Dedication to the cause right there.

Even Adi "this is gonna be shit" Currie was loving it

Hendo even strayed from his self imposed Buddhist Marxist rule of "only eating meat on Sundays and for leftovers" with ham. He wouldn't let us lay slices over his head for photo reasons though - loser.

And to round off our lovely day Lizzie treated us to an exclusive show by the Red Arrows. She's a doll. Actually come to think of it we must send her a thankyou card.....

Britain Rulez Ok?!

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pimp my ice cream

Move over Heston there's a new Mr Magika in town and he's three and a half. O is honorary member of the Look fashion dept with a penchant for superman capes, no-lens glasses and half the price one-glove only accessorising (genius).

He also seriously loves ice cream. Well who doesn't? So I challenged him to create an ice cream treat. Ingredients O chose: vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, sticks of flake, toffee sauce (seriously calorific - only noticed this after scoffing otherwise might not have encouraged him to be quite so generous with the stuff), various sprinkles including honeycomb and fudge bits, fan shaped wafers.

Yeah thumbs up, lentils for tea! Basically the process involved alternating all ingredients and eating copious amounts of ice cream while doing so.

Ta da. Ok not rocket science but just goes to show how a few extra ingreds can pep up a common or garden dish - and before anyone says anything about 5 a day, this was a treat, right? Pimp my ice cream. And what?

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blog News

A small update to the 'We are Look fashion team and we like food' I have been put on a secondment, turns out MC needed an injection of high street genius. However, fear not avid followers I will be blogging from my new home. *sighofrelief* that is until pesky Eichler kicks me out of that position as well. Nellist

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Submission Of The Week: The World's Most Perfect Omelette?

My housemate Jess of Dust PR fame (formerly Yellowdoor) had an omelette for tea tonight, and I have to say, it's the most perfect omelette I've ever clapped eyes on. Made using two free range eggs, reduced fat red Leicester cheese and sweetcorn Jess's top tip for omelette perfection is to think of James Martin whilst whisking the eggs. She hearts him more than Jodie hearts Greg Wallace. And more than me and Kate heart @richardpbacon. Ok, maybe not that much, but the love is still substantial.

Well done Jess.