Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dr pepper ribs braai

This was a successful braai with unsuccessful photo's. Apart from the usual grub I made Dr Pepper ribs from the Bbc good food website (don't knock it till you tried it).
It involved cooking the ribs in Dr Pepper and then making a glaze with it and various other ingredients. I'd half the sugar next time, that's right you add more sugar #heartattackmeat. Anyway after slow cooking it you braai or BBQ it with the glaze and F me it's finger licking good.
To add to the kcal count Sarah P made whoopie pies and cheese cake brownies (fatty had two and one today). Move over Borough market you have competition! To top it all off we had the 2012 Olympic ceremony back drop. Every Friday night should be this good.The Saffer

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Sunny Push PR Lunch

Melissa and Becky of Push PR fame took me and the Kniveton out for a spot of lunch in the sunshine today. Refinery here we come. I had a delicious parma ham & roast nectarine salad with came with sun blushed tomatoes, ricotta, pine nuts & mint - I even pulled a Jodie and ordered a side of chips. Everyone was admiring the Wedgewood bowl, although having grown up eating dinners off this crockery, it just reminded me of childhood times including being force fed German food and the time I ran around the dinner table singing "you're fat, you're fat, you're really, really fat" to one of my parents' dinner guests. (I was 3, FYI). Anyway, enough reminiscing, Kniveton had a fish finger sandwich, and the Push gals went trans atlantic with Californian hot smoked salmon salad which came on a chopping block. #Rustic. Such a lovely way to spend a Thursday afternoon, Thankyou Push PR, Eichler xx P.S Melissa has a black fish called Louis "because I don't discriminate."

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

L'atelier de Joel roubechon- or whatevs

So after calling this the best restaurant in the world trademark, this badboy had a lot to live up to.
Freddie tahbushshshshsaaaaa from fearnhurst took me and hughesy out for a High end tea, well let's be Hons we don't deserve anything less (an extra tick on the Marie Claire diva chart perhaps?)
To start we ordered - gluten free bread. FFS- no matter how posh the joint, it still tastes like shit.

Amuse bouche of something... I was so drunk by the time I arrived a knocked a full rose mojito over Hannah-( and blamed it on her) so I can't be sure what this is... I recks broccoli and cream cheese? Philadelphia probs.

Scallops mini burgers and prawn ravioli later ( I didn't try the pasta! ((ok ok I did))

Followed by mains of lobster, beef (obvs freds) and some fish thing.

The obvious food prop gag- I mean does it ever get old???probs, but whatevs

A desert of posh stuff to follow- they even made sure mine was breadcrumb free- take note Sanderson asking for wheat free bread doesn't mean you want it with extra wheat WTF #foodpoisoning #callthelawyers.

And Hannah lezzing it up With the waitress - nothing new there then, don't get jels pet.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

The French House - Day 1 Le Dinner

So in order to cater for a wheat intolerant, a veggie and a non pork eater, Iain 'ill eat anything' was pretty perplexed when planning the prestigious menu (now try saying that fast) He hit a home run with beef sausages, turkey kebabs and homemade falafals.. i mean who the F**K makes them fresh?!
i think i'd make an amazing hand model.. mark mills said i was to tanned?! I mean is that a possibility? some people in the LOOK offices wouldn't think so...
and a delish desert - well so i heard anyway :(

The French House - best shoot lunch evs

Forget scouring through the deliverance menu, Mr Wanless had THE best lunch waiting for us, Last nights leftovers plus some tasty editions meant the french crew left fit to burst which made the next 10 shots, yea you heard me 10 a bit of struggle. green beans salad
tomato and mozerella salad
Left over dauphenoise
a little bit of ham
More cheese
some french leaky thing
left over ratatouille - restaurant quality
the Battle of the Baguette
and flyface Abi working the oversized shades
Bon Appetite - good work Iain

Friday, 20 July 2012

Change Friday

Another day, another delicious dine care of Steph at Hoxton's finest fashion studio Change. Today we had stuffed courgettes, roasted rosemary potatoes... And the piece de resistance...filo pastry parcels stuffed with brie and cranberry. Something Steph "just made up." God this girl is good. Loving how X Factor make up extroadinare Natalya got stuck right in.

AND we got millionaire shortbread for afters.

Thankyou Steph thankyou Change. Eichler x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Presents From Percy

If this doesn't demonstrate the power of what did you have for tea last night, I don't know what will. As a DIRECT result of blogging and tweeting about my main pig Percy, M&S sent me a MASSIVE box of Percy Pigs (all varieties) AND I even got a love letter from Percy saying how lovely it was to meet me at Latitude festival. I went more pink than Percy when I read it. Flowers and chocs can do one - this is my kind of romantic gesture. I may be slightly German, but those Jews have got something right - I'm never eating pork again. Eichler xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The French Club

After a hellish journey to France, which included 6 of lugging 17 pieces of luggage and dashing half way across Paris for our connecting train. Not recommended. #worsthalfhourofmylife. We ended up in Chez Weasel, Wanless' French crash pad. Did I mention I've been here before?

On arrival MrWanless/Titters/assflasher/Iain had waiting lashings of wine and a spread fit for a king.

Now I don't actually like lamb (I don't think he reads this) but as he's cooked it and I've eaten it before #tooscaredtofessup I went in for the kill, and it was delish, (OMG I'm turning into a saffer, god help us the world only needs one prawn)

Served with potato dauphinosie, french bean and beetroot salad, ratatouille (shit kate we've got competition) and a huge baguette. I've never seen Mike Mills so happy, except maybe the time we were in Vietnam and the hotel was so posh he couldn't speak for 2 days.

He just sat there beaming, discussing with Jon how the potatoes were 'next level' (weird, I've never heard either of them use that description before.)

Jon laughed for a good 10 mins about trying to entice (look away Jill) Biba to his crotch with a French bean... She looked about as interested as the rest of the population.

We drank wine and ate cheese the French way, seriously.

Move over red Leicester... There's a new cheese in town.
This gag seemed funny last night, this morning not so much.

Mike proceeded to coiff wine from a giant cup (Note 50p for scale.)

Look out for further French posts where Mark Mills (completely different person to mike) our resident blog photographer will be taking the photographic reigns.

Au revoir- til next time.

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