Monday, 9 July 2012

A Bicester Big One

After being dragged kicking and screaming (no, seriously) to the Bicester Rugby Club Summer Ball on sats night, Sunday called for a delicious dine to make up for me having to attend such nonsense. Needless to say I am not a rugby fan. Who wants to spend 80 minutes running around a pitch with a strange shaped ball?! Not me. They can't even manage a full 90 minutes like real footballers (erm... maybe I shouldn't visit BRUFC for a while....)

Anyway roast chicken was on the menu and Jeff and Anna certainly didn't disappoint because on top of the delicious chicken we started and finished with these beauties.

First up home made gazpacho with a caper and basil cherry tomato and a parsley garnish. How swank! Up north they haven't even heard of gazpacho. They're more likely to complain that the Heinz tomato soup needs a few more minutes in the microwave.

After the roast Anna pulled out this beaut. She semi made up the recipe and gave it the catchy title 'Summer Berry Creme Brûlée Light'. Basically a low fat version of the classic dessert. Anna knows her audience.

Top marks. I'd attend a rugby club ball every weekend if it means getting treated to this. Well...maybe.


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