Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dr pepper ribs braai

This was a successful braai with unsuccessful photo's. Apart from the usual grub I made Dr Pepper ribs from the Bbc good food website (don't knock it till you tried it).
It involved cooking the ribs in Dr Pepper and then making a glaze with it and various other ingredients. I'd half the sugar next time, that's right you add more sugar #heartattackmeat. Anyway after slow cooking it you braai or BBQ it with the glaze and F me it's finger licking good.
To add to the kcal count Sarah P made whoopie pies and cheese cake brownies (fatty had two and one today). Move over Borough market you have competition! To top it all off we had the 2012 Olympic ceremony back drop. Every Friday night should be this good.The Saffer

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