Monday, 16 July 2012

Curry Club

After having pals to stay over at the weekend and whipping up a very London roast (quinoa featured FFS) I came back Monday night to a fridge full of food but none of it kind of 'went'.

After having spent a f'ing fortune in Waitrose on sats I was reluctant (read, too tight) to buy yet more food so what did I do? Only whipped up myself and Jake a delicious chicken curry that's what.

Soften onions and chillis in a pan and throw in chicken, peas, fresh tomatoes, and Indian spices and leave there for a bit.

Jake was LOVING it. And this is a guy who's travelled round Rajasthan. Twice. He's pretty much a Jodphur local.

Serve with Uncle Bens fast cook rice for added authenticity.

And dessert? Well we were in luck as thanks to me swiping an edible cadburys medal from the Look "Olympics Team Photo" (a major LOLcano that was let me tell you) we had the perfect after dinner treat.

Well after my chicken curry effort a gold medal was more than deserved. Bout time I got one - did I ever mention I once ran the 100 metres in 11 seconds? That's fact. And I didn't even come first.


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