Friday, 13 July 2012

Miss Selfridge Babington House Extravaganza

Sometimes in our job you have those days when you feel really lucky - and Tuesday was one of them. Hello Babington House c/o those lovely folk at Miss Selfridge and two of our favourite prs: The Lisas (TM). Now, they really, truly throw amazing press trips and at the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat, a press trip that starts with a first class train journey is always going to be good in my experience. Yes siree. And there were only nice press there and we even got to the bottom of the Bluefin Canteen Snobbery Issue from certain neighbouring glossies. Turns out it wasn't snobbery at all - they just think it's shit. They don't know what they're missing. Turkey parmigiana soup? Don't knock it 'til you've tried it I say.
Anyway as per I digress.
Back to Babington.

To start: the rooms.

Where's wally? Maj LOLz. Jodie the hoot! And my room:

It didn't look quite as elegant after I drunkenly thought eating a mars bar in bed at 1am was a good idea but fell asleep half way through and woke with it smeared across the pillow. #holdthechicometer

So it went like this: lunch, stared at a-list celeb, treatments (off the scale good facial btw), stared at a-list celeb's boyfriend, room, prosecco, room, champagne, a talk through the new Miss S collection which is seriously good, huge amounts of delicious food, more booze, mars bar.
So... The food.

I'm going straight in for the main deal: dinner.
We had our own private dining room (that's just how those miss s folk roll)...

Love the mustard velvet curtains against turquoise-y blue walls. Colour hi-Karumba!

The food arrived on huge platters and it was a help yourself situation (this obviously wasn't a problem).

To start: prawn cocktail, tomato and mozzarella salad and something else involving boiled eggs #nonpourmoi as they say in Lille. I just feel that boiled eggs are best kept for breakfast. Nothing personal.

Tasty - particularly the mozzarella. I prefer my prawn cocktail a bit more saucy but it was pretty delish with big prawny bits. Next the mains. Now by this point we had all guzzled a fair amount of champagne and red wine but everyone was getting on famously.

The mains:

Honestly I can't really remember what this was. Fish I think.

Lamb - yum

Asparagus risotto - very delicate

I've come to the conclusion I don't have a very subtle palate. I think I might have damaged it by overconsumption of Tabasco (meant to speed up your metabolism apparently). Look - it worked for Naomi Campbell. Anyway. The risotto was very nice but the flavours were a little too subtle for my chilli mouth. Or maybe that was all the red wine. You get me? So thank you thank you Miss Selfridge - that really was a big fat treat. And definitely worth the pain the next day (even Last-to-bed Nellist would agree). AIRD

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