Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Blog Gets Masterchef Approved

We ALWAYS do our homework when we get asked out for dinner, so when Internacionale invited us to Greggs Table we hit up Google for the reviews, which went something like "a travesty of a restaurant" by the Metro and "wouldn't make it past the first round of masterchef" on the Guardian.

Oh dear.

Well we were excited anyway because the blog, and more specifically Jodie already has connections with Mr Charming Wallace. And we really like Internacionale.

To our enjoyment there were cards on the table for a competition to win dinner with Greg, so we entered Jodie. About 10 times. Then gave them to Greg himself who proceeded to leech at our entire table. Vom.

Anyway, the food wasn't the best I'd ever tried. We started with deep fried goats cheese with came accompanied by a questionable raspberry jus and a crumble which seemed to appear on very dish. Bit of a weird combo but its deep fried cheese, what's not to love.

Next up I had the crab on toast - not the rustic dish i was expecting but instead slices of cucumber and crumble.

The others had tiger prawn dumplings with tuna broth (check out Laura's enthralled face) and grilled asparagus which looked delish. Afterwards I had the rib eye steak (and crumble), other table options included grilled sea bass, lemon sole and spinach and goats cheese lasagne.

Being Greggs forte, puddings got a lot better, and I had sticky toffee pudding - although quite frankly you'd get the same quality in M&S (Laura and Cass won't mind they're both M&S PR born and bred). Hope had a chocolate mouse bomb which came with hot white choc sauce which they poured over - very Heston inspired.

Food aside, we had a bloody good crack with Cass and Laura - I particularly enjoyed Cass's food porn chat, and I can confirm she has a whole album on facebook dedicated to food. Hello new blog contributor quite frankly, me and Jodie need the help.

AND we got Internacionale goody bags on the table - this was like bloody christmas! Sadly Gregg is notably too bald/pervy to pose as Santa.

Crap food, bang on company. Thanks Internationale!



  1. LOVE THIS!! How have I ONLY just seen this?!?

    Had such a great time guys - I have LOTS of 'FOOD PORN' images to submit - Eichler, hit me up! xx

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