Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lunch on Mateus

Our favourite PR (well, one of... deffo top three) of Dean st/RichardPBacon fame sent us some lovely Mateus crockery to try out for WDYHFTKN purposes and of course we were very happy oblige. Well it makes a change from the snoozefest plain white offerings from the #lackingoriginality Blue Sky Cafe.

Downie's Asian inspired chicken salad looked super posh once taken out of the plastic container and placed onto a purple ceramic plate. Well, this crockery stocked in Selfridges so what do you expect?!

And my homemade ratatouille and salad (admittedly not as good as Nellists "restaurant quality" fare) went from Tupperware to Tres Chic

Even my Fanta Zero got given a touch of class

We were by far the swankiest diners in the Bluefin today.

I mean, who else's free Belvita biscuit (they must have been out of date or summat - they were only giving em away!!!!) got a bowl all to itself?! No ones I tell ya.

We're posh crockery converts.
Log onto Mateus.Se to see the whole collection or alternatively just get your asses to Selfridges and stock up those kitchen cupboards.

Kate 'i only eat off the best' Andrews

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