Wednesday, 25 July 2012

L'atelier de Joel roubechon- or whatevs

So after calling this the best restaurant in the world trademark, this badboy had a lot to live up to.
Freddie tahbushshshshsaaaaa from fearnhurst took me and hughesy out for a High end tea, well let's be Hons we don't deserve anything less (an extra tick on the Marie Claire diva chart perhaps?)
To start we ordered - gluten free bread. FFS- no matter how posh the joint, it still tastes like shit.

Amuse bouche of something... I was so drunk by the time I arrived a knocked a full rose mojito over Hannah-( and blamed it on her) so I can't be sure what this is... I recks broccoli and cream cheese? Philadelphia probs.

Scallops mini burgers and prawn ravioli later ( I didn't try the pasta! ((ok ok I did))

Followed by mains of lobster, beef (obvs freds) and some fish thing.

The obvious food prop gag- I mean does it ever get old???probs, but whatevs

A desert of posh stuff to follow- they even made sure mine was breadcrumb free- take note Sanderson asking for wheat free bread doesn't mean you want it with extra wheat WTF #foodpoisoning #callthelawyers.

And Hannah lezzing it up With the waitress - nothing new there then, don't get jels pet.

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Location:Ropery St,London,United Kingdom

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