Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hairdye and spaghetti

So after a much needed hair colour, (and no im not trying to do the east London cool kids dip dye.. I've just got really bad roots) I hit Louis' London lane superswank pad.
The deal was I'd bring the wine and he'd cook tea... Now due to the recent intolerence, I was slightly panicky at the mention of seafood spaghetti ... However this was unfounded when the superchef presented this stuff. I mean talk about making the effort!

Thank god for waitrose! Next to greggs bakery this is my second favourite food establishment.
He whipped up a wheat free treat that to be hons tasted no different to normal pasta and was deeeelish, spicy but delish.

Hottie at the hob

The delish dish, long time Wheato Downie came round and even she gave it her veteran seal of approval.

Zzeeeeexxxxy, theres no bloody wonder I'm The future Mrs Wallace.

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