Monday, 2 July 2012

Rock Tea at the W

The lovely girls at Warehouse decided to treat me and the Eichler to afternoon tea at the W.

Now, a hotel who lets just say put the W into swanksville doesn't do just your bog standard afternoon tea. Nope, this was Rock Tea. That's rock star themed - nothing pebble related. So rock star themed that we walked past a sleeping paparazzi on the way in! Despite me coughing loudly and prodding him with my brolley he acted uninterested that I'd 'arrived'.

Being rock n roll to da core I obviously kept my "shades" on all afternoon.

Eichler modelled the Rolling Stone meringue lips.

And we pondered just how the bread on the smoked salmon sandwiches managed to get that colour. Brown Sugar perhaps?!

Check out this electrifying feast

The decor was er, interesting. This wall of plates was big enough to rival Jodie's bathroom and I thought this fella looked a tad like a shamed tax dodging comedian

Of course the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without a rock star appearance so we were satisfied when the one and only Geri Halliwell decided to join us. Now if she's not r n r then I don't know what is. She crafted a union jack shift dress out of a tea towel AND she's snogged Robbie Williams.

This is the back of her head. What ?! She's camera shy alright!!

Please note that this is the second Spice Girl 'meeting' that me and Eichler have ticked off - for those who dont know, we accosted Mel B on the IPC tenth floor.

Natch we're working our way up and Vicky B will come last but in the meantime we're spending our nights hanging around the door of lesbians anonymous in the hope of seeing Mel C.

Peace out fly mofo's.

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