Thursday, 29 November 2012

Submission Of The Week: Sam's Epic Enchiladas

Since team LOOK Fash have been positively neglectful of the blog in recent weeks due to pregnancy/wedding diets/secondments/general lameness, I, editor in chief Eichler have been forced to recruit some new foodies to keep the blog afloat. I say forced, Sam here has promised to take me out for a Nando's and buy me some Mulberry boots, the least I could do is give him some coverage for his enchiladas recipe. #Masterchef2013. Fry asparagus, baby corn, chicken, peppers and chillies (Sam went for 5, absolute lad) in a little oil, then add in two tins of chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper and a little sugar. Add in a cup of rice and simmer until the rice is cooked. Wrap up the mix with some baby spinach in soft flour tortillas topped with (lots of) cheese, more sweet peppers and a chilli and bake until golden brown. Sam's Serving suggestion? "Serve with a nice big dollop of creme fraiche, some tortilla chips obvs and a beer." Get your Movember clad chops around these bad boys. Eichler (And Sam) x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Toad in the Bucks Hole

Portion control goes through the roof upon visits back to Bucks. Last weekend myself and Jess went to my sister Liz's house for tea she cooked toad in the hole with cumberland and spicy sausages from her home reared pigs. You wouldn't think that two dishes was necessary for four people, but hey you never know when you might eat again. Especially when you go out for lunch the following day and come down with food poisoning. Vomcano central. Anyway Toad in the hole was delish, perfect last supper. thanks Liz!


Brixton Bloody Marys

Sunday was the day I learned to like Bloody Mary's. In fact I now love them. So much so me and my Brixton chums ended up dancing to Hey Macarena at Winter Wonderland. Too. Cool.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Tea: Falafel Wraps

So I saw this handy meal idea in a competing weekly title, not naming any names but it rhymes with Trazia.

Cook the falafel for 15 mins and meanwhile mix hummus, greek yoghurt and paprika. Prepare some cous cous, heat the wraps and make a salad.

Easy peasy.

Resounding view at Gibbs House is that LOOK should do recipes and I should be chief food editor. Take note IPC


Sunday Soup: Spicy Pea

This week I will mainly be eating pea soup.

Fry some spring onions and garlic in olive oil, add in frozen peas, fresh mint, and a few lentils, then leave to simmer for 20 minutes, add in some milk (skimmed makes it guilt free). Then blend.

Literally the easiest soup in the world. And quick so there's minimal time for bread scoffing whilst it's cooking.

Looks like alien sick but tastes utterly delicious.


Pre Wedding Worthy Snacks

Some of you may be aware that Kate Andrews is getting hitched in a few weeks. Which means by all accounts she has been living on a diet of scrambled eggs, ham and thin air.

Until of course some frozen yoghurt from YooMoo landed on my desk. Practically guilt free, YooMoo are naturally low in fat, with only 102 calories per serving in our fave flavour NakedMoo. Not that it matters when you're going to hurl it up anyway, right Kate? Your contract with Rimmel is in the post. Mossy who? Eichler

The Delaunay with Impulse

Gem and Faye our friends at Impulse PR took Rachel Story and myself out for brekkie at The Delaunay about three weeks ago. Um, better late than never?!!

Rach kept it classic with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, Gem went for poached eggs and crispy bacon, Faye opted for an omelette (forgot to ask what was in it, bad journo) and I had the blueberry pancakes. Now I can't speak for everyone else (except Rach - I've had the salmon and eggs here before), but my breakfast was absolutely delicious, despite the fact I put so much maple syrup on my pancakes I felt positively sick. Bus ride home was touch and go I won't lie. Worth it though - I was so full up I had to cancel lunch with Sinead and Lissa, sorry girls - blame our fave jewellery PR's.

Eichler x

Breakfast Club with Harrods

Yes readers, you read right - we DO have friends in high places! Must be all those designer labels I feature in cough cough high street catwalk. The lovely Emma from Harrods took me to the Breakfast Club in Soho for a feast to set me up for a day of appointments in the bleak mid winter weather. I opted for the poached egg and avocado on toast (promise next time I go for brekkie I'll order something else, but what can I say this is market research). Perfect portion size, well seasoned, speedy service - it's like me, in food form. Errrr...

It wasn't until after I left that I realised they didn't bring the crispy bacon I ordered. I think I was distracted by the wall messages (read: Harrods look book). Get me on that features desk quite frankly, the written word puts me off my food.

Eichler x