Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dehesa With Office

The lovely Office girls (Minus Tobie) took myself, Ridge and Eggenberger out for a delightful dine at Dehesa tonight.

Now the problematic thing about tapas is that it is near on impossible to remember what you've ordered. I believe we had chicken, tortilla, some scallops, a beetroot cheese thing, chorizo, some prawn ball things, followed by chocolate truffles, goats milk panacotta and choc brownie. A glowing foodie review I feel.

Who cares what it was, it was delicious and the company was top notch too. Literally never spent so much time talking about boys. (Last statement is of course an absolute grade A lie).

Thanks Office! X

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Afternoon Tea With Push PR

After a tough day of shooting style file, Push PR treated me to a delightful afternoon tea at the Soho Hotel.

Push PR have been worried about me of late, on account of the fact they have not seen or heard of me for about 6 months. Nothing personal of course, I'm very busy and not that important.

Excellent sandwiches, too much cake and so much tea I felt sick - just as the perfect afternoon tea should be. Brilliant catch up too, 3 hours of solid gossip. See you in another 6 months gals, I'm going back to chain myself to my desk.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lazy Bones With Miss S and DP

I love a Phillip Green sponsored dine, they're always reliable for taking us to the newest coolest places and for having the best gossip.

This time we went to Lazy Bones, an American diner type place in Farringdon. Pulled pork burgers and cheese smothered fries were a speciality, the cocktails were delish, and I loved how you could design your own popcorn flavours with their flavour shakers.

Hannah Gale talked a lot about her sex life and about the time she appeared in FHM. She was a high street honey then and she's a high street honey working for LOOK now...some things never change.

Thanks PG! X

Fashion Snacks

Any person who works in fashion and is skinny is obviously mean to their interns. Check out this loot, given to us a thank you from LOOKs amazing interns.

Now get back in the cupboard and do the returns. And make me a cup of tea and open my post while you're at it.

Greg Hunting

He flirted with us all at his diabolical restaurant in Borough and requested Jodie partake in phone sex. Deary me I've missed Greg Wallace.

So on Saturday we went GW hunting at his restaurant in Putney.

Food wise, it was a vast improvement on the Borough branch, not a strawberry jus/crumble sprinkle in sight, and instead lovely fresh salads, home made quiches, delish chicken kebabs...much better.

Sadly, there was no sign of the man himself, however the obligatory win a date with Wallace cards were still on the tables. The lengths that man will go to for a date is beyond me. And no I didn't fill the cards out with Jodie's name (again).

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Aintree Ladies Day With Matalan

Tan, spanx, ladylike dress, heels, proper make up and a fascinator - us LOOK girls were showing those scousers how it's done yesterday. I even made my eyebrows extra defined for the occasion, hello scouse brow.

This was my inspiration.


The day began drinking champers in first class on the train up to Liverpool. At 8.30am.
Good start.

We watched a great Matalan fashion show, placed some bets, watched some races, lost some money, oh and drank a lot of champagne and wine.

On the menu was smoked salmon with a mini Bloody Mary - we were unsure what drinking etiquette was most appropriate given the mini size, and settled on just knocking it back. Then we had stuffed chicken breast with veg and lastly the most amazing raspberry topped lemon panacotta with chocolate ice cream. And just in case we were still hungry, we had afternoon tea too. Although instead of tea we just drank wine out of the tea cups, we weren't fooling anybody.

On the train home we drank yet more wine out of mugs, so by the time we arrived into Euston at 8.20pm, and after a 12 hour drinking stint, I was unsurprisingly worse for wear. I was subsequently put to bed by Sam, who was eagerly awaiting my arrival after having to rescue me from the streets of Marylebone. A bad end to an amazing day. Thanks Matalan! Sorry Sam.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Pasta Making

No pasta machine? No problem. An ideal way to roll out your pasta is by using your feet. On the kitchen floor. Environmental health would be proud.