Monday, 30 June 2014

Glasto Grub

I've spent the last five days at Glastonbury.

Which means by all accounts I've survived on a diet of (beyond complex) carbohydrates, saturated fats and cider.  I've now got small planets orbiting my waist...

Well where the healthy eating failed, the taste buds won, as Glasto has the best food on offer of any festival. 

Faves included....

Pie Minister pies. Amazing comfort food when the rain has turned you into festival fodder. I had the steak and ale pie and SCS had chicken. Both with mash and gravy obvs. Turned down the offer of peas, there's a time and a place for vitamins and Glastonbury isn't one of them. The queue for said pies was testiment to how good these bad boys are. Who ate all the pies? Glastonbury did!!!

Secondly, Split Screen Ice Cream
Co. Loved their super cute VW and their ice cream flavours were epic, everything from raspberry pavlova to caramel fudge. I opted for the latter and chose to gloss over the fact it was made with clotted cream. There's a time and a place for calorie counting and Glastonbury isn't one of them.

Last but not least, Annie Mae's mac n cheese. So good I had it for tea on two days. One of them was even as a starter followed by a pulled pork bap #fattyboomboom

They had lots of toppings but the classic 'Annie Mac' was the winner for me. Excellent portion size (read: large) and it was so cheesy you could small it across an entire field. An excellent scent antidote to those toilets....

Same queue situ as with the pies. Snaked round an entire field. Sorry Dolly Parton but Anna Mae's mac n cheese was far more enjoyable than your performance. Although I was impressed by Dolly's use of glittery musical props.

An excellent five days of monumental weight gain! 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Breakfast boundaries

Can you eat clotted cream for breakfast? Yes siree!

Pancakes with fruit and maple syrup at Riding House Cafe. Acceptable breakfast fayre until you add the clotted cream.


At least the fruits are one of your five a day. And cream has calcium in which is essential for strong bones and teeth...

Feeling fruity

I've made home made salsa every other day since SCS made it his life mission (probably) to go out with me. 

So last night we decided it was time for a change. On the salsa front - not the boyfriend.

So we decided to make strawberry salsa, which quite frankly is just effing delicious.

Finely slice 6 cherry tomatoes, and half a punnet of strawberries. Mix in a couple of sliced chillies, a small bunch of coriander and the juice of one lime.

Serve with toasted tortilla chips and follow with a BBQ and eighteen thousand gin and tonics. 

Free stuff

Our local is right encouraging.

It gives out used ground coffee beans for free to use as plant fertiliser.

It's arguably posher than the filter coffee we use at home, so my plants won't be getting a sniff of this. 

Thanks Alice House! 

Monday, 16 June 2014


It was Father's Day yesterday so myself and boyfriend of dreams SCS descended on chez Eichler for the occasion. 

And while most households up and down the country were having roast dinners, at Eichler towers Les (mum) "fancied a change" and cooked up a storm with paella. 

Paella is one of my all time favourite foods (cheese and sausages come before) so this was a popular choice for me. Especially as I'd just got back from Spain where I was eating seafood everyday. #piginshit

Now, we're a family of big eaters (this muffin top didn't make itself) but even our family couldn't finish this feast. Even with nephew of dreams Oliver in attendance and his dad James who regularly eats two roast dinners on a Sunday. What a guy.

Having had a paella on hols just last week I have to say Les's paella was better than the one I had in Spain. And I'm not even sucking up. What can I say, she's a pro.

Afterwards we had chocolate brownies and ice cream for pud. Then just incase we were still hungry mum cracked out the cheeseboard. By 7.20pm I was forced to change into something with an elasticated waist.

Happy Father's Day Daddio! I'd say it in Spanish if I knew how.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ria's Spanish Hen Do

My friend Ria is getting married next month so we celebrated her final weeks as an unmarried woman by taking her to Spain on holibobs.

We were lucky enough to stay in our friend Dani's villa, and had hashtag mega fun sunbathing, perfecting our synchronised swimming,eating lots, drinking even more and pretending to be lesbians...

Now what we ate is a blur of king prawns, salads, paella, wine, cheese, wine, cheese, pasta, wine, cheese, gin, prawns, wine and cheese. You get the gist.

Now while I can't remember the specific details of every single meal (there were a lot after all), there were two stand out moments.

Firstly, Emma's breakfast one day. She had toast with spreadable cheese on and slices of cheese. I knew I liked her.

Secondly, on the last night we went down to the old port for dinner and had some delicious paella. It's practically the law to eat paella when you go to Spain. A bit like eating Cornish pasties when you go to Cornwall. 

Here's some pictures of other things we ate. 

Think this was beef carpaccio but can't be sure.

Dani looking pretty 
Dani sexing up a margarita

Ria and Bianca sexing up ice cream. Let's hope Ria is more photogenic on her wedding day.
Ria practicing candid poses for her hen do. Defo worth a spread in OK.

Thanks for a lovely time ladies! It's set the bar for hen dos that's for sure. Thankfully I returned heterosexual. 


Say hello to Sams mum Violet everyone! Otherwise known as VCS to her fans.

VCS is a property tycoon and was in town on business so she took us out for a lovely dinner at The Truscott Arms.

Sam and myself had the burgers (mine with cheese, obvs) which were delicious. The chips were so chunky I felt I had to leave a couple. Just to be polite mind. VCS opted for the duck salad, which reminded me of mine and Sam's first date when I spilt hoison sauce down my top.

Because we walked there and back we worked out that afters was totally justified, so we shared a hot chocolate pud with vanilla ice cream. At £7 it was the most expensive pub desert I've ever encountered. Mind you my wine wasn't exactly cheap as chips either, sorry about that Vi. Well as Sam always says "you pay for what you get." Yes, that famous saying...

Thanks for a lovely dinner Vi! I sent her packing with some cookies for the journey, she seemed to like them but I'll be checking local flower beds in the morning just in case. 

Baking one off...

One of the skills I am most proud of is being able to whip up baked goods with barely a moments' notice.

This afternoon, on hearing my boyfriends mum was paying a visit, my house girlfriend skills went through the roof. In 30minutes flat I'd cleaned the bathroom, put away the washing, tidied, dusted and got a batch of chocolate and nut cookies in the oven. Multi tasking skills on over drive. If you like it then you should put a ring on it etc etc.

For my cookies I mixed caster and brown sugar and melted butter with one egg and one egg yolk, added a pinch of salt and vanilla extract. I then folded in plain flour and baking powder and lastly added generous chunks of chocolate and almonds. Then I divided into generous balls and dolloped onto a greased baking tray and put in the middle of a preheated oven at 165c for 16 minutes until the edges start to brown and the middles are still soft.

I've got time to spare if anything. 

Natural Kitchen with the House of Fraser hotties

I love hanging around in Marylebone. I can pretend I live in a mews and drive a Porsche. Neither of which are true of course.

So I was beyond excited when the House Of Fraser gals asked me to breakfast at Natural Kitchen.

After a small hiccup which involved me going to the branch on Marylebone High Street instead of Baker Street (note to self: don't scan emails) I met the girls in the shiny new branch which sits on the site where Canteen used to. Out with the old and all that...

Both Simona and Hanna-Rose opted for an oldie but a goodie in the form of eggs royale, while I chose the French toast with maple syrup.

Now I can't speak for the girls but my meal was delightful. Portions were perfect aka too big and tasted delish. While the service was prompt it's got a really relaxed atmosphere and unlike other breakfast joints I didn't feel rushed at all. In all honesty I could have stayed there gossiping all morning, barely scratched the surface quite frankly. Same time next week? 

Thanks for a great start to the day ladies! X

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Turns out Wednesday was a pretty blog heavy day! A post for a each meal...this blogging malarkey just got serious, I might have to quit my job. Oh, wait....

Anyway yesterday the most important meal of the day was spent with the lovely Sarah-Jane from Four Publicity. She took me to the 6th floor restaurant at Shoreditch House. I've only ever been for drinks and dinner so had high hopes. 

And high they stayed!

Now seems like SJ is a bit of a SH expert as she basically knew the details and standard of every single thing on the menu (drinks included). Take note SH, you've got yourself a top notch PR there.

I opted for the eggs benedict. I liked that it came as two eggs as standard. No making you feel guilty with small and large portion sizes. Plus it was delicious, I was full up for the rest of the day! Well, until elevensies anyway.

Sarah-Jane had the avacado and poached eggs on toast which looked beaut. Can never fail in my eyes although I do feel you have to eat it quick as the avacado often makes the egg go cold. I'm a gannet though so that's never been a problem. 

Thanks for a delicious dine SJ, let's not leave it so long next time! Xx

P.S I do not use the word 'shoreditching' often. It's just something I heard someone say once...