Sunday, 31 August 2014

New fave juice

I bought this little carton of deliciousness this weekend. Loved it. It was from Whole Foods so it set me back about £8.50 but you get what you pay for folks. Who else makes rhubarb and apple juice? If anyone tells me Tesco sell it for 99p a litre I'm gonna kick off.

Bread alternative

If you've read the previous post (only if you can be arsed) you'll know that our gaff has gone carb free for a bit. I say carb free, I had a hash brown with my breakfast...

Nevertheless, as we're not allowed bread (turns out that's actually carbs FFS) we've had to come up with an alternative for baked camembert. Carrots seemed a good idea. Not quite the same. In fact it's not the same at all. Could murder some pitta bread.

Friday, 29 August 2014

No Toast

Yes, that title is as ridiculous as it sounds.

No bread, no pasta, no potatoes, no rice. I am nil carbs by mouth, and have been for three weeks. Well, maybe there have been a few slip ups (Special K is not carbs, ok?) but generally, I am in hell. 

Another breakfast comes in and I am quite frankly getting a bit sick of ordering smoked salmon scrambled eggs and NO TOAST. It just looks a bit lost on the plate really. I want something with substance, damn it.

So today when the lovely Sarah from M&Co took me for breakfast at The Table, I went the whole hog. Well, minus the toast

Now I am aware that baked beans do have carbs but they also have FIBRE which is essential for a healthy digestive system. Sometimes we have to make compromises for the greater good, people.

Anyway it was effing delicious. Ate all the meat and left most of the tomato/mushroom situation. Some vegetables do have carbs in and one can't be too careful.

Thanks for a lovely brekkie Sarah! Xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

Carpet Picnic

We've recently decided to get rid of all of the furniture in our living room. Who needs a sofa, table and chairs and coffee table anyway?!

Thankfully we have replaced the sofa (changes into a sofa bed and everything -  and yes it is from ikea) but otherwise carpet picnics are the way forward until further notice. 

Last night's picnic dine wasn't cucumber sandwiches and scotch eggs. It was fajitas. I've been off complex carbohydrates for a while so treated myself to one measly wrap, and golly, I went at it like a lion mauling at an antelope. We then watched Goodfellas. Romance levels running high on Fernhead road! 


Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis (that's no one then - awkward) will know that BBQ's are a big deal at Chez Caldwell-Smith-Eichler. We've got a small one which was purchased for NYE, and we recently graduated to a big boy BBQ when I bought it for Sam for his birthday.

Now when it's just the two of us we've been known to just fire up the little one, which is of no comparison of course but hey, we don't discriminate (much).

To get the thing going Sam came up with an ingenious idea. Get the extension lead out and get the hair dryer on it. Well, he is a hair stylist. What with the fact it's fire plus electricity I did have reservations about the idea. But he pulled it off without any casualties! Hot coals in an instant! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mac n Cheese

I like traditions.

Especially when it involves food.

Now whenever I visit Jess's parents gaff in Bath it is customary to eat some of Mrs Davis' legendary macaroni cheese.

Every time she's shocked by how much we eat. Waste not want not and all that. You said it was for two...

And yes those are token tomatoes.

Also obligatory is making Rusty pose with bottles of wine. Don't tell the RSPCA, he likes it. Too much if anything.


Coals struggling to light? 

Get the hair dryer on the case. Quick, easy, and definitely without risk of third degree burns.