Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Brazilian breakfast

I'm not a big lover of breakfast, infact it's my least favourite meal of the day.

However..... having Said that, when we reached our second location in brazil, Villa Trancoso the breakie was the most Delish spread I've ever encountered.

And seeing as there was only one other couple staying in the hotel, pretty much this whole thing was for little old us.

Ready, steady, Jose Bass Go Go Go

Hannah, just casual.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wrap day Brazilian BBQ

After 4 successful shoots we headed to 'an all you an eat' Brazilian BBQ for David's last supper. And what a last supper it was. On entrance to the restaurant señor Bass was more excited that a kid at Disneyland or Kate Andrews on a Richmond (holiday home to Brad and Ange) Whit Monday.

Me and han weren't far off when we were greeted with a table of cheese.

Apologies for the odd photography, Hannah insisted we try and make it look like our heads were on the table. Mature.

A happy German sausage. We ate so much that the meat sweats and joses burping was almost too much to handle.

As it was David's last night in brazil we decided to have a bad taste party in his honour, and boy did we look good.

Probably not the best idea for one of the most dangerous places I've ever been
Salva-deadbody-dor, but the locals seemed to love it.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday a veggie feast.

9/10 Not often, in fact infrequently do I cook veggie. The reason two fold 1. I used to be semi vegetarian (I ate fish no jokes please) and after 6 years of no red meat, I found my inner carnivore and now I find it hard to go back. 2. It's difficult to cook veggie without going carb central, pasta, risotto etc.
So for once I catered for my veggie sister in-law, homemade a spinach and feta filo pie (bought the ready made pastry though). Sides included a mint, chilli and cucumber salad, cherry tomato and basil salad and homemade tzatziki. We also roasted off the rest of the HOMEGROWN pumpkin.
It all tasted pretty damn good, so good that for a split second I considered going veggie again but only if a lamb chop can be considered as one of your five a day.

Saturday: Lamb and homegrown pumpkin dinner

To return Ms Peacock's delish dinner on Sunday I decided to pull out all the Stofberg stops.

We had roasted rack of lamb, turns out we didn't have enough so i grilled a couple of lamb chops (you can never have too much meat says the ex veggie) The Ducksoup pumpkin reincarnated, home grown pumpkin with spinach, chilli's and marbled through goats curd. Green beans with shallots and garlic, Gail's sourdough bread. It was given a high five, thumbs up 10/10!

For pud individual banoffee pies which Sam said were 'sooo boarding school', but forgot to take pics because they were 'sooo good'.

Saturday's lunch in a tin

After relaxing by the pool all day in the chicer than chic surroundings of Salvador. #mostcomfortablesunloungerever

We continued the theme of 'chic' with chicken chips beans rice and potato salad in a tin.
If it doesn't have more than 3 carbs we're just not interested.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hendos Birthday Hotpot

Saturday; after a hard days bowling with Harry Krishna Hendo and Sarah Titmuss (or should that be Missmus (she was rubbish)) Jones and some other pals we went to Little Lamb in Soho for Mongolian and Chinese Hotpot (at least I think it was Mongolian - it could have been another country beginning with M) and what an unusual dine it was.

So you start by ticking off what you want on the menu

Yay!! I thought. Ping pong!!


What arrived was a yin yang bowl of hot oil placed on the cooker (kenwood) on our table. One side mild, the other so hot that one lick of the end of my chopstick brought me out in a coughing fit that made my eyes water so much I had to go to the ladies to reapply the liquid liner

Then the ingredients began to arrive. Raw lamb, raw beef, raw tofu (for veggie Hendo..who ate more meat than anyone else) raw potato, raw noodles, raw pak choi, raw mushrooms, raw turnip (my "English" addition. Turns out they're Chinese) raw sweet potato, raw bean sprouts and rice (not raw- the staff must have exerted themselves putting that onto the boil)

The idea being you tip the ingredients into the Hotpot and when cooked fish them out with chopsticks (tricky) or the ladles provided (we didn't notice these til we were paying the bill)
Then dip into sesame paste (the saving grace for me - tastes like peanut butter) and consume.

Drinks include Chinese beer or Beer.
Diet coke it is then.

Just when you thought we'd finished more food kept on coming... And coming... And coming......

2 hours of eating later ("perfect ordering" according to Missmus Jones) we paid the bill and service charge (wtf?! they didn't do owt?!) and headed to Soho via the newsagents for me to buy "lottery ticket" (chocolate bar - I was starving) and hit a local homosexual hotspot for red wine aplenty, near scraps between Beeton and pissed off londoners during our 'laps around the pub' drinking game, brain hemorrage shots and a heated debate between Jones and Snake over whether or not Edinburgh is in fact the capital of Scotland.


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Friday Nights Salmon Supper

Friday night saw myself and Snake (the leg is fine now....(thank GOD)) hit the Mills-Davies for a meal set to rival my Posh Sausage and Mash fame.

In between recording several audio notes to send to friends and family in Brazil and Barbados (we took this so seriously that at one point we debated scripts before realising that would be wanky) we sat down to a mozarella and tomato salad followed by salmon teriyaki

Sozza you can't really see this. Damn you iphone 3.

Don't let it be said we don't know how to make an effort....

Ahhh the LOLZ we had.....

Desert: Corporate Jelly Babies (laurence got them free at work)

And a Nesspresso espresso (posh) served with crockery built for midgets

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Friday night Italiano Dine

After a hard days slog...

We headed to la Figo for a full on pizza feast, where the 'does an egg belong on a pizza' debate was finally concluded when most of the table opted for the unlikely option. Weirdos.

Hannah 'who needs to speak Portuguese when im amazing at sign language' Hughes and her #dancing fingers 'runny' egg.

More eggs

Another egg and 2 olives

And lashings of chilli oil

As it was Hannah's shoot the next day I decided to sabotage it by spiking the team with limoncello.


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Friday, 25 November 2011

Thursday's healthy easy peasy dinner

So bought fish cakes, not just any fish cakes, M&S smoked haddock fish cakes with a perfectly cooked poach egg (thanks to my new poach egg cooker) and salad. Amazingly declared by Sophia as one of her favourite Stofberg dinners. We washed it down with Prosecco and a dose of Made in Chelsea. What?! My inner Sloane ranger craves it, got to love a little rah.. plus it helps me with footwear inspiration..

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wednesday night- a fruit filled flop

Soooo after a long day we hit another typical bahian restaurant. And yet again the menu was shall we say 'interressant' by the looks of the offerings it turns out Salvador's in Africa not brazil... Who knew?!

Now I love Africa as much as the next person (did I ever tell you about the time I climbed that mountain??) but when it comes to their food I'm just not entirely sure. In my opinion fruit just doesn't belong in a savoury meals, Hawaain pizzas, apples in salads, I just don't get it.

So after a lunch of a Tuna and raisin sandwich, yes you heard correctly #cantstopgagging. We had another very fruit-ful (get it, get it) tea.

Fenner actually picked a corker with this sizzling hot stone steak, served with plantain and pineapple.

Peters reaction to the shrimp in chutney, apricot and jam. Which Jose theconsumer Bass said tasted like puréed strawberries. He even left it, which was serious. The Bass leaving food is like a LOOK magazine without Cheryl Cole on the cover.

Luckily we had this hottie to entertain and distract from the below av dine.

Note to self Salvador: when it comes to dining must.try.harder.

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A Pretty Ploughmans

Rules in how to create a pretty ploughmans lunch.

Do two hams (in marmalade and mustard),

Arrange cheese nicely on a plate: goats cheese, cheddar and Stilton

Dispense your shop bought hummous into ramekins.

Add chopped lemons and lime to sainsburys cloudy lemonade and pretend its homemade

Put curls of lemon zest on a bought pâté to give the impression you made it yourself (it does nothing for the flavour - if anything it doesn't go. But it makes it look better)

Add bowls of couscous and crudités

Display flowering celery in glasses (very bourgeoisie)

Invite a friend who's a good at baking.....

And there you have it...

Pretty Ploughmans.... Done!!

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