Saturday, 12 November 2011

Friday night: a 21st surprise party

Question: what do you do when it's your little brothers 21st birthday and he comes to visit?

A. Take him to a swanky restaurant for a slap up meal


B. throw him a surprise party full of people he doesn't know, decorate the pub with balloons and party poppers and buy THE most embarrassing birthday cake you can find?

Well of course in true mile end style we went for B.

On arrival at the Morgan arms junior nellist was greeted with a group of people (half of which he had no idea who the hell they were)singing, no, screaming happy birthday whilst surrounded by birthday balloons and a giant pirate cake.

The embarrassment was maximum, infact ive never seen that shade of red since downie bumped into JLS at Miami airport.

Note the novelty card, made by Kate ilovethelassotool Andrews

And we know we were all told we shouldn't play with our food But it's kind of become our new favourite hobby (after blogging of course)

I wonder what @richardpbacon did for his birthday?

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