Sunday, 6 November 2011

Friday's Bonfire Night Sausages

Friday night saw the core of the East Village Crew (that's me, Jodes, Downie, Pegleg, Lynne and Backpack btw) gather together to celebrate Guy Fawkes (or not, depending on your beliefs) by letting off our yearly fireworks at the Twine and eating sausages.

We stuck to our fave- pork sausages from Marks, delish and gluten free for wheato Downie. Admittedly the grill won over the BBQ/grill debate but hey don't worry about it

Fried White onions - yum

White rolls and Tommy k. Perfs!! Not of those fancy 'sausage relish wraps' that you could expect from rival party at Muswell Hill. In the east we keep it real

After the sausage feast (well I say feast but Downie and I got inti trouble for not buying enough, apaz the norm is at least 3 sausages each - who knew?!) we let off Chinese lanterns

I apologise now to extreme animal lovers. But until they're made illegal we'll keep on lighting them. Besides they look so pretty....

The party continued til the not so early hours meaning the next morning there was only one thing to sort us out..

A healthy weekend all round then!

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