Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Tea: Chav Quiche Vs Fancy

For all the whatdidyouhavefortealastnight haters out there, yes you know who you are.

Here is a homemade post.

I'm not quite sure the difference, as I'm sure Somalians don't buy roll your own pastry or davidstow cheddar but anyhoo......

Backpacks been away so I decided to make him a quiche, I told him it was going to be asparagus, which he followed with protests that that was WAY too fancy.

I replied I bet you want quiche Lorraine don't you? (he's a total chav)

He replied, no actually I dont. I want bacon and cheese...!


So I kind of cheated as I bought roll your own pastry. Roll out the pastry, grease your oven dish and line with pastry.

Make  it fancy

For the filling- whisk together 300ml milk (cream for non rexies)
2 full eggs and one egg yolk.

Prepare the filling, fry off some bacon and onions and briefly steam the asparagus.

Grate Plenty of davidstow cheddar

Mix together the egg and milk mixture with the cheese and onion.

Fill in the pastry case

Then to please both chav and fancy place bacon and mushrooms at one side and asparagus at the other.

Cook for 45 mins and voila 'the everyone's a winner' quiche.

For extra chav factor serve with baked beans, coleslaw and white lightning.

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