Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hendos Birthday Hotpot

Saturday; after a hard days bowling with Harry Krishna Hendo and Sarah Titmuss (or should that be Missmus (she was rubbish)) Jones and some other pals we went to Little Lamb in Soho for Mongolian and Chinese Hotpot (at least I think it was Mongolian - it could have been another country beginning with M) and what an unusual dine it was.

So you start by ticking off what you want on the menu

Yay!! I thought. Ping pong!!


What arrived was a yin yang bowl of hot oil placed on the cooker (kenwood) on our table. One side mild, the other so hot that one lick of the end of my chopstick brought me out in a coughing fit that made my eyes water so much I had to go to the ladies to reapply the liquid liner

Then the ingredients began to arrive. Raw lamb, raw beef, raw tofu (for veggie Hendo..who ate more meat than anyone else) raw potato, raw noodles, raw pak choi, raw mushrooms, raw turnip (my "English" addition. Turns out they're Chinese) raw sweet potato, raw bean sprouts and rice (not raw- the staff must have exerted themselves putting that onto the boil)

The idea being you tip the ingredients into the Hotpot and when cooked fish them out with chopsticks (tricky) or the ladles provided (we didn't notice these til we were paying the bill)
Then dip into sesame paste (the saving grace for me - tastes like peanut butter) and consume.

Drinks include Chinese beer or Beer.
Diet coke it is then.

Just when you thought we'd finished more food kept on coming... And coming... And coming......

2 hours of eating later ("perfect ordering" according to Missmus Jones) we paid the bill and service charge (wtf?! they didn't do owt?!) and headed to Soho via the newsagents for me to buy "lottery ticket" (chocolate bar - I was starving) and hit a local homosexual hotspot for red wine aplenty, near scraps between Beeton and pissed off londoners during our 'laps around the pub' drinking game, brain hemorrage shots and a heated debate between Jones and Snake over whether or not Edinburgh is in fact the capital of Scotland.


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