Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday shoot lunch

9/10 perfect summer lunch, roasted veggies, chicken goujons, rocket and parmesan salad, broccoli with sweetpeas, roasted potatoes, tomatoes and mozzarella, variety to keep everyone even the veggies happy.

Fridays Afternoon Snack - Cupcakes on a stick c/o River Island

10/10 - The LOVELY River Island Pr's sent us these beaut cupcakes on sticks. They not only cheered up our Friday afternoon (we are stuck in the's boiling out there) but they had dalmation prints on them (as fash mags would say Hot Trend Alert).

Er... I love dogs and I love Marc Jacobs and I love cakes. RI - it's a Winner! Thanks guys X

Fridays Elevenses - a very unhappy (but healthy) snack

1/10 - Guest blogger, Mygdal (that's Natalia Love to some) is not happy. In fact she's feeling very low about life in general.  She enjoyed the occasional bouts of sympathy from her pals in the fash team but then it went too far and she was milking it to be honest (hence the pic). Either way, she's very unhappy. So her mid-morning snack exemplified this. Poor Love.

Friday brekkie

7.5/10 Shooting today, a continental feast of yogurt, fresh fruit,coffee, orange juice, croissants (my fave) pain au chocolate and fresh bread with jams. Mmm missing cheese but otherwise delish.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thursday Seafood Supper

8/10 m&s's picky bits how can you go wrong. Marinated octopus, marinated king prawns, mixed green salad with sun-roasted tomatoes and some chilli olives. Provided by Saf on a balmy September evening. Mixed in with a splash of made in chelsea. What's not to love?

Thursdays Tea - Salmon wrapped in Parma ham with a roasted tomato, grilled halloumi and quinoa salad.

6.5/10 - although Downie claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed it, I generally don't enjoy things that much that I cook myself as it's been in my face too long before it comes to eating it. However I think it was cooked to perfection. The halloumi was delish but if doing it again I probably would omit the cumin from the quinoa (it was in the recipe).

Thursday's After Lunch Treat - Bluefin Banoffee Cheesecake

7/10 A triumph from the blue fin cafĂ©. It's not often I eat dessert for lunch but when this is on offer I have to.  The only way it could be made better is presentation. Plastic pot - not so chic. Oh and if I could eat the biscuit base.........

A Las Vegas Lunch- baked potato, with chives, bacon, sour cream and liquid cheese

9/10 totally delish, and much needed after a day or sunbathing and, err, well more sunbathing.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vegas- the dream

This is not an actual dine post, it's just the aim- before the end of the trip I will succeed in this challenge. If not I'll make Josh!

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Las Vegas breakfast - Ham and Eggs

6/10- and no this wasn't a meal to feed the 5000, this was a breakfast for one. When I ordered ham and eggs for break I had no idea I would be greeted by what is quite clearly half a pig with an unordered side of potato rosti thrown in for good measure.
Don't get me wrong it was tasty.. But the guilt of having this for breakfast alone has seen me hitting the hotel gym with dad and brother in tow - now this should be interesting.

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Wednesday's Tea - JP with Cheese

8-10 Lets just say for starters a JP and cheese can never be beaten. 

Take note Jodie Nellist adding the beans and coleslaw - is never a good idea too much mixing of food groups! 

However this post was supposed to include steak, jp, spinach and aspar!  Due to too much wine and boredom - waiting for said jacket to cook meant that me (the surrogate wife) consumed it without the extras.  Judge for yourselves... Never the less it tasted good!

Sorry no app today due to severe I phone damage (totally my fault might I add)

Wednesday Seabass surprise

7/10 Seabass with sauce vierge, which is meant to be shallots, capers, tomatoes and lemon juice. I added the surprise! with samphire ( a type or seaweed vegetable that tastes a little bit asparagusy trust me nicer than it sounds). Basically I over complicated it. I also made rocket salad and roasted asparagus which meant a green overload on the plate. Will try again for sure but might leave the samphire to the experts or at least receipe that calls for it.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Virgin lunch- sausage and mash, feta salad and uglies chocolate mousse

6/10 - obviously in the context that this is quite clearly plane food, and not the flight that Heston hijacked as resident chef.
I'm normally one to turn my nose up and often refuse the tray out of principle, but this turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. Maybe it was the fact I'd had 4 double vodkas, 2 red wines and a 'sleep aid' shall we say, but despite myself I did enjoy this over processed, colour void, Luke warm dine.

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Location:Somewhere over Canada

Tuesday chicken supper

7/10 Not a bad dinner enjoyed with family and friends. Chicken stuffed with goats cheese, roasted with a cherry tomatoes. And roasted homegrown beetroot in a green salad with avocados. Super healthy but the recipe would be tastier with chicken breast that still had skin on. M&S let me down!
9/10 - after throwing a small tantrum about going to a caviar house at 8.30 am, I was pleasantly surprised to find this delicious morning option, extremely up Kate Andrews street, the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs was yummy. However the duck  foie GRAS had by dinner partners was definitely a step to far.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday's tea - sausage, egg, chips and beans

5/10 - Not good!  although this looks like a dream meal... it was off the mark for various reasons.

1. Marks and Spencer had sold out of our favourite sausages
2. Some chips were under cooked, some burnt
3. The obvious runny egg mixing with bean juice issue.

For future reference: a small note to self  - avoid eating food that is meant for chavs!

Mondays Lunch - spicy salmon with grilled halloumi and alfalfa sprout salad, roasted root veg, roasted new potatoes and garlic dough balls

A semi healthy but very enjoyable lunch. The addition of a cucumber yoghurt dip was good one for me. I feel stuffed which must be a good sign. The heated debate over lunch regarding the moralities of slaughtering animals for human consumption could perhaps have been better substituted for something of a more light hearted nature.

Mondays Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

8/10 - an unexpected but very nice cooked breakfast from one of our fave east London studios. A perfect start to the high street catwalk.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday's Tea - Various below average food from Mile End's 'The Greedy Cow ' plus a never disappointing, very English dessert

Main meal - 4/10. Boyfriend ordered the Wagyu beef burger and wedges, I ordered the chicken and goats cheese salad (correct - I like a goats cheese salad, who knew?!). Despite it's promise of 'Londons best kept secret' (thankyou Evening Standard) the Greedy Cow was highly disappointing. As if the offering of bubblegum flavour sorbet didn't give enough of a clue, the smell of chip fat was highly off putting and the wallpaper choice was questionable. My salad was fine, nothing wrong with it but not exciting. Said boyfriend didn't enjoy his at all. Don't get me wrong he ate his burger and wedges but only because there are people dying in Africa.

Dessert 10/10 - Yorkshire tea and tunnocks tea cakes in Kozee Kottage. This is the life.

Sunday Evening Boost - Turbo Sangria

9/10 - an absolute fave of the sunday club, however the vodka was replaced with gin, not quite as tasty but giving it our best bash anyway. wooo hoooo yea (said by Downie)

Sunday dinner with maygds and the fags - lemon, garlic and Basil chicken with roasted veg, grilled halloumi, green bean and cherry tomato salad with delicious parmesan, spinach and pancetta potatoes

8.5/10 - Jose Bass, Guest Blogger... (said in a canadian accent) after recently waving goodbye to mummy dearest and crying at terminal 3 I was meant to go to Bikram to release the pain and loss of the separation. But instead I went to the Twine where I was greeted by long lost friends with the most delicious array of love, food and hair dye.

Sundays Breakfast - Boiled Egg and Soldiers

7/10 - boiled egg and soldiers on posh white bread. An underrated brekkie if you ask me.  I did egg for 3 minutes, cracked it, it wasn't ready so I put it back in. It came out near perfect if slightly overdone. But overall a highly enjoyable start to the day.

Saturdays Lunch/Dinner - A Moroccan Feast

8/10 - A Moroccan banquet of chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots, garlicky houmous, brocolli and sauteed courgettes, tomato and basil salad and quinoa with pine nuts and pomegranate. Pretty amazing considering it was cooked single handedly by my friend Nat between entertaining a very active 6 month year old. There was even a side dish of coriander (#blamecharlottelane)

Desert included a delicious lemon cheesecake and apple tart -  care of Waitrose. Well she can't do everything you know. B'saha!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Night's Tea - Jamie Oliver's Italian

7.5/10  - The burger or the pasta, the burger or the pasta, well someone made the wrong decision and yes it was me. The prawn linguine was nice but just nice, the burger  with side of posh chips on the other hand, well that was delishness on a plate.

Fried squid served with really garlicky mayo - super super nice 

Creamy bocconcini with torn basil, chilli and extra-virgin olive oil - totally yummy, a fave on the fashion desk.

Pan fried garlicky prawns with linguine, tomatoes, chilli, rocket and fennel - Just OK Oliver but if i'm honest I  think my carbonara's better than this.

British beef Burger with fontina cheese, crispy salami, soft lettuce, tomato salsa, dill pickles, chilli and fried onions, with a side of posh chips with parmesan and truffle oil - Wowzers what a bloody burger. Could have easily eaten the whole thing, however as it wasn't my order i was only allowed 1/5, yes 1/5. Greedy, selfish dinner partner.

Saturday evening Jewish supper

9/10 certain bits get 10/10. More of a yiddish affair for dinner. Directed by my Jewish wawa in law, Roasted peppers with garlic(ok more Spanish but still her recipe) chicken soup with matza balls(doesn't get more Jewish than that) and bread and butter pud with ginger and pear made with baguette. Oi vay!

Saturday le petit dejeuner and le dejeuner

8.5/10 Two reasons for my expanding waistline in France. Croissant's and fromage!!!! And lots of it. My belly is now starting to resemble that melted Brie. Still, I won't let that stop me.

Saturdays Breakfast - Sausage with scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes

7/10 - Made for me by the overnight guest, very nice considering his normal cooking abilities... The fact I had to share my sausages on the other hand, not so nice.