Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday's Tea - Various below average food from Mile End's 'The Greedy Cow ' plus a never disappointing, very English dessert

Main meal - 4/10. Boyfriend ordered the Wagyu beef burger and wedges, I ordered the chicken and goats cheese salad (correct - I like a goats cheese salad, who knew?!). Despite it's promise of 'Londons best kept secret' (thankyou Evening Standard) the Greedy Cow was highly disappointing. As if the offering of bubblegum flavour sorbet didn't give enough of a clue, the smell of chip fat was highly off putting and the wallpaper choice was questionable. My salad was fine, nothing wrong with it but not exciting. Said boyfriend didn't enjoy his at all. Don't get me wrong he ate his burger and wedges but only because there are people dying in Africa.

Dessert 10/10 - Yorkshire tea and tunnocks tea cakes in Kozee Kottage. This is the life.

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