Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eat breakfast like a king...

Just saw these in Tesco. Can't work out what has shocked me more. The fact you can get Reese's Pieces puffs, or the price tag. Don't care. Buying. Now. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Having my cake and eating it

This is baci cake. It's Maltese. It's chocolate cake with nuts. Basically like a forrero rocher cake aka better than crack. (Or so I've heard). 

Birthday Burgers

I turned 29 last week. Luckily being on holiday while the 2-9 struck softened the blow, but still I have begun to come to the sad realisation that I am very nearly 30. FFS.

When we returned some of my favourite people in life came up to London to visit: In no particular order - nephew of dreams Oliver, Mother Dear Lesley and Sister from the same mister (presumably - I have often been told I am adopted) Liz.

Along with boyfriend of dreams SCS we hit up West Hampstead for a pub lunch.
True to form (we are German, we like order) we all ordered burgers. Well, except Oliver, he had a sausage roll. 

Four cheese and bacon burgers sitting in a row...

For pud I had an apple and berry crumble, absolutely delish. Hello comfort food. God knows I need it.

Oliver you are more scrummy than my crumble by a country mile.

More cheese

Baked camembert has become standard issue after dinner fayre at our gaff. Mildly excessive. Although one must consider the fact cheese is packed with proteins and calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth. It is also carb free. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rea's Dirty 30th

First up, it wasn't dirty at all. Infact it was pretty civilised. Until the fourth bottle of wine was finished, anyway. 

Myself and D to the Ario took our fave wee Scot out to celebrate the big 3-0. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day (also the only meal that day) we went for a spot of breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. And a good start to the day it was, those bottles of prosecco didn't drink themselves later on...

The hairdresses opted for the chorizo hash thing, and I had a cheat day and went for pancakes. Beyond generous portion size and absolutely de-lish. They even gave Rea a glass of prosecco as it was her birthday. Um, where's ours??

Sorry Rea blinked, bad times.

gave Rea - a self confessed selfie obsessive - a Selfy Stick for her birthday, which went down rather well. Also a card with Selfie Whore written on it. What can I say, I go with a theme and run with it.

We had a mooch around the market, then headed off to Brick Lane for a peruse round the vintage shops. By 3pm it was time for a drink so we headed to the Book Club where the debauchery began. Thanks Charlotte for ensuring those bottles of prosecco didn't run dry. 

After that we headed back West (where we belong) and went to our usual haunt in Saint John's Wood where we met our pal Sammi. Two bottles later and I was quite frankly sozzled. I was clearly drunk because I was loving drinking rose. I usually hate rose. See ya, taste buds.

9am meeting the next day, I do not remember you. Happy birthday Rea! X

Monday Meat Fest

Turns out this no carb thing means we're practically on the Atkins diet. Anything with a pulse is lunch.

So on Monday Sam took me out for lunch, to the most laddy restaurant of them all: Bodeans. Dark hill billy interior, sports on screens, MEAT. This is lad heaven. I've known guys who have dedicated 'Meat Clubs' there.

We ordered the Bodeans platter, which had ribs, pulled pork, chicken and beef on, and more coleslaw than I have ever seen. The waiter looked like us like we'd just called his mother a c**t when we said we didn't want chips. 

Anyway, it was great. Certainly set us up for a day of hardcore clothes shopping. Clothes shopping where I didn't buy anything and SCS spent about £250. Lavish as per.


Barely a week goes by at Fernhead road without a sausage fest. Of the food variety of course.

We've dubbed ourselves sausage snobs because we only eat sausages from the pigs reared on my sisters farm. We have nightmares about Richmond sausages.

Thanks to the fact carbs are strictly out (well, strictly-ish) sausage and mash is off the menu.

So tonight clever Sam made us sausage kebabs, which were served with roasted veg, asparagus and broccoli. Delish! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

More cheese please

Baked camembert for dinner for the second night in a row. No carbs though so it's ok. Cheese is packed with protein which is ESSENTIAL for strong bones and teeth. Heart complications, not so much.