Thursday, 4 September 2014

Monday Meat Fest

Turns out this no carb thing means we're practically on the Atkins diet. Anything with a pulse is lunch.

So on Monday Sam took me out for lunch, to the most laddy restaurant of them all: Bodeans. Dark hill billy interior, sports on screens, MEAT. This is lad heaven. I've known guys who have dedicated 'Meat Clubs' there.

We ordered the Bodeans platter, which had ribs, pulled pork, chicken and beef on, and more coleslaw than I have ever seen. The waiter looked like us like we'd just called his mother a c**t when we said we didn't want chips. 

Anyway, it was great. Certainly set us up for a day of hardcore clothes shopping. Clothes shopping where I didn't buy anything and SCS spent about £250. Lavish as per.

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