Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday night- Chinese Salmon Let Down

Could have been a 9/10 ended up a 5/10 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Firstly the salmon I took out the freezer was a smoked salmon fillet, not very Chinese but at this late stage i had no choice but to roll with it.

So..... Smoked salmon cooked with chilli lemon and soy.

Served with stir fry veg, cut up chives, coriander, broccoli, pak choi, spring onions and green beans.
sautéed with lots of chilli and garlic.

Then on to the egg fried rice. Boil the rice, leave to rest, then fry in ground nut oil. Whisk up the egg and season with sesame oil, sprinkle a large dose of sesame oil over the dish and voila... Delish fried rice.

......................Well it would have been delish if it wasn't for one small thing.

The sesame oil being 2 years out of date, the house stank, the rice had to be chucked and I was in an serious grizzle.

The finished product was nice, but I can't handle a carb free tea... I'm already dreaming about a nice slice of marmite on toast with a side of Davistow Cheddar mmmmmmm

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Mondays tea - salmon wrapped in Parma ham with various sides

Went to get gamon on Andrews's recommendation turns out the tesc near my new place doesn't do it so ended up with trusty salmon.

Said salmon was served with spinach, roasted toms and some grilled hallomui (which to be honest saved the whole dish) A very very disappointing 6/10 for this snooze of a dine!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday tea- spaghetti alla carbonara

Shiitake (yes that's for you downie) closed cup and chestnut mushrooms, smoked bacon lardons (or lard-ons as Adrian likes to call them- yes very mature) with spaghetti and muchos Parmesan.

Chop up the mushroom and bacon, grate the Parmesan

Sautéed with garlic

Cook pasta for 9 minutes. A la dente

Add the pasta to the bacon and mushroom, add in the Parmesan, (supposed to be pecorino, but hey, a waitrose hasn't opened in mile end and I don't think tesc express has quite the fromage selection) add 3 beaten eggs, a splash of white wine, season and serve.

Result- delish but maybe not needed after marmite and cheese on toast, nandos and chocolate.
Note to self: project rexy must get back on track tomoza.

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Sundays Hippy Roast: Marmalade ham, squash and hot beetroot salad

The Henderson-Jones came over today for a spot of lunch. Hendo is a veggie 'apart from when meat is given to him' so in this instance he was perfectly happy with the ham.

The squash was roasted with thyme and red onion

And the hot beetroot salad was made by frying raw beetroot cut up into matchsticks and adding lemon juice, wholegrain mustard and honey

The dinner was very colourful and an all round success. Pegleg described it as looking 'very camden' and thinks it wouldn't look out of place 'on a chalk board menu amongst offerings of mung beans'. Though he assured me this was a compliment and plates were clean which was a good sign

We then ate some Christmas cake (very nice thanks Sue) and played several rounds of Scattergories (no Hendo, O'Toole, Oaktown and Oakbury are NOT towns or cities)

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Saturdays (american) Double Brunch

Sats morn and Kozee Kottage could've been mistaken for an American diner after I'd whipped up organic buckwheat pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup

Admittedly not the most attractive dish but delicious nonetheless.

Then Pegleg and I crutched our way to Westfields Stratford (still horrific by the way) to get our free Yoo Moo frozen yoghurts (thank you lovely pr's)

Delicious as always. Gotta love a frozen yoghurt - and they taste even better when they're free.

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Sunday afternoon bliss

Drinking tea, eating crunchier rocks and watching last nights x factor. Now this is living.

Oh and I had a sneaky nandos. 10/10 The never fail chicken in pitta with cheese, chips and coleslaw.... so tasty forgot to snap, but managed a not so appetising shot before I wolfed down the rest.

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday: Shafi's Birthday Cake

Friday night saw me and Pegleg head to Graces for an evening of entertainment after our mani (that's me and Grace... Pegleg wasn't interested). We were joined by Lawrence "the pizza's not burnt, it's meant to be like this" Davis.

After customised pizza, copius red wine and enough chocs to resemble my 2003 self (more about that later) we were surprised to hear a knock at the door and were greeted by Shafi, Grace's 12 year old neighbour.

Shafi informed us that it was his family members birthday so had kindly brought us up some birthday cake.

Pegleg (ex SAS member) gave the cake a 10 out of 10 and described the icing as cloudlike. Shafi.... If you're reading this we'll happily take cake off your hands any time. Deeeeelicious.

P.S. For those readers interested.... This is me in 2003. Woah sista!!!!

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Friday Tea - steak and chips

10/10 talk about Friday night perfection. What's that.......? .....waitrose sirloin, chips, champagne and Eastenders.

My lovely housemate cooked me and the life partner the most delish meal. Staying in is defs the new going out.

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Friday's Breakie- the Riding house cafe

The lovely ladies at Snow Pr took us out for a Friday morning brekkie.  The food was okay but the liquids were what we were really into.  It's worth a trip here just for the juices alone we did get slightly jealousy when we saw the smoothies were served in milk bottles so on the 2nd round we requested said milk bottles for our juices see results bellow...

Rickshaw Juice


Eggs Benedict

Fruit Plate

Scrambled eggs with ham and tomatoes

Chorizo, poached eggs and hash browns with a serious amount of green chilli
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Thursday. Topshop Press Day And A Free Zizzi's

Thursday saw us leaving work early to attend the the Topshop press day. The clothes were amazing by the way but more importantly the event was catered for by Bistroteque (you see, Phil don't cut no canapé corners)

Amy and susie tuck into salt cod fritters with garlic Mayo - totes delish

A few fritters and cheese balls later (and prosecs I might add) and on comes dessert. The lovely waiter presented us with fruit bowls and sorbets. Nice and easy on the kcals. Holly was loving it!

However she did say that the sorbet could've been colder (sort it out Phil!!!! Hmph)

Next onto Zizzi's

The reason for this el randomo dine (we are usually waaay more high brow) was that we got given free vouchers innit. And we aren't ones to look a gift horse in the mouth. Speaking of horses...

There ain't no amount of apping gonna make that bad boy look a la carte. To be fair previous posts prove sausage and lentils don't photograph well (bit broaaawwnn hey Zoe)

Admittedly we should have taken snaps before we ate instead of after.

It was a nice night. Good to catch up with Meisel (I mean Mygdal). But I don't think the chefs at Roka should be getting worried just yet.

The other gals then went on to the Schuh party to dance to Trevor "don't take my picture" Nelson.

I on the other hand went home to Pegleg, a mug of hot chocolate (a low cal version) and er.. A bar of purple quality street chocolate.

Now THAT is Thursday night perfection.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesdays tea - cheese on toast with a side of ketchup

I'm not proud of this post you can't really justify this meal on a Wednesday it's normally only allowed on a weekend when hungover but nevertheless here it is...

A full 10 out of 10 fatty but tasty!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday's Tea: Prawn Tacos

8/10 this looks so unappetising, I almost didn't post. But as us non-superficial gals know, looks aren't everything! This was infact an unexpected delight.

Taco trays filled with watercress, sour cream, chopped red onion and lots of fresh chilli dressed with lime juice with a side of homemade (ok.. It was from waitrose) guacamole and salsa.

A dine reminding us all of the well known proverb: never judge a book by its cover.

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Monday's Tea: Smoked Haddock and Potato Rosti

8/10 - Smoked Haddock with homemade potato rosti, asparagus, spinach, watercress and rocket salad with a poached egg and hollandaise.


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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday tea- Homemade cheeseburger

9/10. To celebrate quite a successful rexy week (for me that means no mcdonalds, full fat cokes or salt and vinegar squares.)

I celebrated in style with a homemade cheeseburger, salad and chunky coleslaw.

Well... A little deviation never hurt anyone.

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Saturday-fish supper

The second of the centre parc and the great 30th expanding waistline experiment (totally working by the way). Chilled avo soup with pepper salsa this was amazing so tasty, Andrews totally up your als. Cod cheeks with breaded pine nut crust. With leeks and cous cous. And for pud an amazing raspberry cheese cake with an amaretto biscuit base. Awesome! 10/10. What followed was who's in the bag, bucket game and sardines in the dark. Because that's how us craZy boarding school bitches roll.