Sunday, 16 October 2011

Friday Night Out with Boo

After a tres hard days work in LOOK HQ half the fashion team - Jodie, Kate, Fiona, Rachel, Hannah, Gemma and Sarah packed their bags and headed up to Manchester on a Virgin train (note the product placement Branson). Despite Kate's barrage of tweets to @richardpbacon he failed to join us in the carriage (what's his prob?!).

We started the journey in style thanks to the Norths finest Catherine Reynolds who bought us Cava and a Marks's picnic. Train journey perfection.

Awaiting us on arrival was 2x Rolls Royces. Don't worry about it...

Kate, Fi and Jodes in the back set of a Rolly ........where they belong.

We hit the BooHoo offices for the grand tour (they've got a gym in there!!!!!) then onto drinks at local homosexual hotspot Lemars, for the first of many Proseccos. En route we got stopped by the Police (minor details)  - in the words of the boss man "fuck the Police, keep drivin". Way to go!

Next onto our generous host Mamood and Rio Ferdinands restaurant Rosso - Rio sent his apologies for his no-show, he had a big game the next day innit.

Lets start with the drinks...

Correct - a £900 bottle of Cristal. Get over it.

Momood does the honours. Then onto to enough seafood to make Captain Birdseye jels.

Not a mushroom in sight...

Fish anyone?

The eating/drinking/general good times carried on til the early hours. Of course we kept things classy and the night ended with a donner and cheesey chips.
This is the life.

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