Thursday, 6 October 2011

The prawns birthday tea

After Losing my phone ( It turned up in my bra) and waking up with a random (it was downie) I'd say a successful night was had by all. Jägerbombs, false moustaches and gallons of prosecco meant there were quite a few sore heads on the fash desk (said in inverted commas FYI) this morning.
We all hit the rivington bar and grill, sadly we were 1 Zoe Aird down but she was replaced by pets husband Sam, whose pretty much like a woman anyway ( he spent a large portion of the night talking kcals)
Anyway enough of that, here's what we had for tea....

Kate and her scallops bacon and samphire

Me and my fish and chips

Fi and her eggs benedict, minus the bread, she's a Wheato innit.

Lynne and her prawns and squid, shit pic taken by downie, she has the booze shakes permanently

Prawn and Sam with their crab on toast and scallops

Hans with the crab

And here are a few more pics of what followed...

And then dalston superstore..Yuk

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