Friday, 28 October 2011

Thursday. Topshop Press Day And A Free Zizzi's

Thursday saw us leaving work early to attend the the Topshop press day. The clothes were amazing by the way but more importantly the event was catered for by Bistroteque (you see, Phil don't cut no canapé corners)

Amy and susie tuck into salt cod fritters with garlic Mayo - totes delish

A few fritters and cheese balls later (and prosecs I might add) and on comes dessert. The lovely waiter presented us with fruit bowls and sorbets. Nice and easy on the kcals. Holly was loving it!

However she did say that the sorbet could've been colder (sort it out Phil!!!! Hmph)

Next onto Zizzi's

The reason for this el randomo dine (we are usually waaay more high brow) was that we got given free vouchers innit. And we aren't ones to look a gift horse in the mouth. Speaking of horses...

There ain't no amount of apping gonna make that bad boy look a la carte. To be fair previous posts prove sausage and lentils don't photograph well (bit broaaawwnn hey Zoe)

Admittedly we should have taken snaps before we ate instead of after.

It was a nice night. Good to catch up with Meisel (I mean Mygdal). But I don't think the chefs at Roka should be getting worried just yet.

The other gals then went on to the Schuh party to dance to Trevor "don't take my picture" Nelson.

I on the other hand went home to Pegleg, a mug of hot chocolate (a low cal version) and er.. A bar of purple quality street chocolate.

Now THAT is Thursday night perfection.

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