Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sundays Hippy Roast: Marmalade ham, squash and hot beetroot salad

The Henderson-Jones came over today for a spot of lunch. Hendo is a veggie 'apart from when meat is given to him' so in this instance he was perfectly happy with the ham.

The squash was roasted with thyme and red onion

And the hot beetroot salad was made by frying raw beetroot cut up into matchsticks and adding lemon juice, wholegrain mustard and honey

The dinner was very colourful and an all round success. Pegleg described it as looking 'very camden' and thinks it wouldn't look out of place 'on a chalk board menu amongst offerings of mung beans'. Though he assured me this was a compliment and plates were clean which was a good sign

We then ate some Christmas cake (very nice thanks Sue) and played several rounds of Scattergories (no Hendo, O'Toole, Oaktown and Oakbury are NOT towns or cities)

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