Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Post Hospital Burger

Pegleg (formerly known as Snake) was treated to marks's burger and frites after his stint in the Royal London Hospital (a treat because if I'm cooking he's rarely allowed such a non nutritional meal).

And this isn't just any burger and chips. It's a british beef burger with melted gruyere and cheddar with skinny fries (cook for ten mins longer than instructed to make crispy) with roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket.

Pegleg gave the meal 8/10. He said it would have scored more but apparently I denied him the bun despite knowing he would have preferred it with one. He'd have to brake two legs to get that.

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  1. the poor lad. looks as if he's had some sort of reconstructive knee surgery - ACL by any chance?

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  3. Did he do that trying to play rugby at Bicester Rugby club?

  4. @Manners Yes I did. Defending the honour of the Bicester Top Cocks!