Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday night- Chinese Salmon Let Down

Could have been a 9/10 ended up a 5/10 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Firstly the salmon I took out the freezer was a smoked salmon fillet, not very Chinese but at this late stage i had no choice but to roll with it.

So..... Smoked salmon cooked with chilli lemon and soy.

Served with stir fry veg, cut up chives, coriander, broccoli, pak choi, spring onions and green beans.
sautéed with lots of chilli and garlic.

Then on to the egg fried rice. Boil the rice, leave to rest, then fry in ground nut oil. Whisk up the egg and season with sesame oil, sprinkle a large dose of sesame oil over the dish and voila... Delish fried rice.

......................Well it would have been delish if it wasn't for one small thing.

The sesame oil being 2 years out of date, the house stank, the rice had to be chucked and I was in an serious grizzle.

The finished product was nice, but I can't handle a carb free tea... I'm already dreaming about a nice slice of marmite on toast with a side of Davistow Cheddar mmmmmmm

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