Thursday, 25 September 2014

Birthday Burgers

I turned 29 last week. Luckily being on holiday while the 2-9 struck softened the blow, but still I have begun to come to the sad realisation that I am very nearly 30. FFS.

When we returned some of my favourite people in life came up to London to visit: In no particular order - nephew of dreams Oliver, Mother Dear Lesley and Sister from the same mister (presumably - I have often been told I am adopted) Liz.

Along with boyfriend of dreams SCS we hit up West Hampstead for a pub lunch.
True to form (we are German, we like order) we all ordered burgers. Well, except Oliver, he had a sausage roll. 

Four cheese and bacon burgers sitting in a row...

For pud I had an apple and berry crumble, absolutely delish. Hello comfort food. God knows I need it.

Oliver you are more scrummy than my crumble by a country mile.

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