Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wednesday night- oasis and look do hawksmoor.

10/10 - after seeing prs take us out on the blog, the gals at oasis wanted to get in on the 'whatdidyouhavefortealastnight' action. And of course we were more than happy to oblige.
The hottest desk in ipc was fine dined at the hawksmoor. Lobsters, rare fillets and red wine a plenty the oasis gals weren't cutting any corners.

Lobster baked in hazelnut butter

2 salads and a prawn

A blow up doll and a fillet steak

A mah-hassive sirloin

And imagine our surprise, just when we were licking our plates clean, the most peculiar group of celebs entered the building.

Mike tindall ( that's a cauliflower BTW)

Lady Gaga in a hat designed by lady GaGa

Frida kahlo

Hit.... Errr I mean Charlie Chaplin

Freddy mercury


Kate moss .. Up to usual I see

Carmen Miranda

And Tom cruise Whipping up a few cocktails

All we needed to top off this A-List frenzy was for @richardpbacon to walk in and join the party.

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