Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday a veggie feast.

9/10 Not often, in fact infrequently do I cook veggie. The reason two fold 1. I used to be semi vegetarian (I ate fish no jokes please) and after 6 years of no red meat, I found my inner carnivore and now I find it hard to go back. 2. It's difficult to cook veggie without going carb central, pasta, risotto etc.
So for once I catered for my veggie sister in-law, homemade a spinach and feta filo pie (bought the ready made pastry though). Sides included a mint, chilli and cucumber salad, cherry tomato and basil salad and homemade tzatziki. We also roasted off the rest of the HOMEGROWN pumpkin.
It all tasted pretty damn good, so good that for a split second I considered going veggie again but only if a lamb chop can be considered as one of your five a day.

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