Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wrap day Brazilian BBQ

After 4 successful shoots we headed to 'an all you an eat' Brazilian BBQ for David's last supper. And what a last supper it was. On entrance to the restaurant señor Bass was more excited that a kid at Disneyland or Kate Andrews on a Richmond (holiday home to Brad and Ange) Whit Monday.

Me and han weren't far off when we were greeted with a table of cheese.

Apologies for the odd photography, Hannah insisted we try and make it look like our heads were on the table. Mature.

A happy German sausage. We ate so much that the meat sweats and joses burping was almost too much to handle.

As it was David's last night in brazil we decided to have a bad taste party in his honour, and boy did we look good.

Probably not the best idea for one of the most dangerous places I've ever been
Salva-deadbody-dor, but the locals seemed to love it.

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