Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guest Blogger Alert: Peglegs Wildcard

I'm blogging this tea cos I think it's weird and want back up. I had planned for Pegleg to have a Marks's cheeseburger with asparagus and salad. I said he didn't need more than that as he had spaghetti bol for lunch so I didn't deem non compex carbs a necessity. Pegleg had other ideas....

Firstly he added a marks's bubble and squeak cake. That's fine, it's veg and potato in a patty (patty... how American am I?!)

Then just as it was nearly done Pegleg hopped into the kitchen (I say 'into' but this is Kozee Kottage we're talking about. We're constantly sat in it) and added the Wildcard........

A fried egg.

'a fried egg?!' I hear you cry. Yes, a fried egg. With bubble and squeak, perfs. But with that AND a cheeseburger?! Nah uh. It just doesn't go in my book. But Pegleg was loving it. Though he did slightly over do the egg.


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  1. An egg any style I might add... is a welcome addition to any meal Andrews - everyone knows that!