Friday, 11 November 2011

A 'Fashion Union' at Bocca de Lupo

Thursday night the entire Look fashion team retired to the swanksvile dining room at Bocca De Lupo thanks to the kind folks at the brilliant Fashion Union. This is no small feat as we are nearing the Guinness world record of biggest fashion teams- in number rather than size although some of us are going that way thanks to the bloody blog....

Ok, let me talk you through the menu -  the food starters were a choice of radish and pomegranate salad (dunno what they put on that dressing but it sure is delish

   fried Italian breads and anti pasta

                                             and a  fried sea food mini platter. All totes delish.

Mains: The 'safe' chicken option modeled here by Miss Sarah Malone (the girl loves a safe option don't you Sar?!),  complete with roasted tatties

Sea Bass with head on (Andrews had to cover its face in leaves as it was staring her out) And Risotto (soz no pic, bad bloggers!)

 Finally a for pud, a host of chocolate treats.....

 ....and the cherry on top Hannah Eichler got a retweet @richardpbacon! Sorry Kate!

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