Friday, 18 November 2011

Thursday's duck soup and experimental cocktails

A rare date night for Sam and I. It had a dubious start, me not feeling 100% and our first dinner venue meat liquor tried to squeeze us in behind a pillar and a table, no one's that thin!
So we went to the new dean st hipster joint Duck Soup. The food was pretty good as was the wine but at stupid price and we were sat at a bar!!! A poor man's Polpetto (another dean st joint) in my opinion or a rich man with a love of a bar stool. Anyway with dampened spirits we wondered to the Experimental Cocktail Club and with a cheeky French waitress and a couple of cocktails we were quite the chirpy couple. Well who doesn't love a well made Old Fashioned!
Gin based cocktail, could've had ten.
Crab at Duck Soup, Sam had a 'Pretty Woman' moment when he accidentally hit the lady with a crab claw and said 'slippery sucker'
The Saffer fave lamb chops
Looks like baby sick but pumpkin, spinach stew with goats curd was the best thing on the menu.
Only way to have broccoli now with anchovies and ricotta
Sam and his Old Fashioned!


  1. 'slippery sucker' - classic! But why doesnt Sam have a snazzy nickname?


  2. The nicknames I have for him are too rude to post;)