Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday late dinner

So a night with the Bessie was always going to involve red wine but I insisted on some form of food intake. After some wrangling we (well I) decided the fine prawn cocktail at the chamberlayne in Kensal rise (my and the bessie's hood as opposed to the east london is cool massive) was the way to go. As usual it was not disappointing. Fine prawns with a very nice dressing (you know it's calorific but choose to ignore on bounds of low carb intake). Makes sense no? The only added factor was me saying to the lady 'we'll have two prawn cocktails please' (and

I can speak proper English) and she looked at me and said 'do you want to order any food? It turns out it was her first night. We then tried to order it again with another lady who informed me they didn't do cocktails. Anyway. She did understand
'bottle of merlot' so happy days.
Cocks was delish FYI .
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