Thursday, 10 November 2011

The 'Stephs Surpassed Herself' lunch

Best Change Studio lunch ever!
So here goes....

Roasted tomatoes, broccoli and green beans with poppy seeds

(check out that for an action shot)

'prep' shot.

Alongside a griddled asparagus, carrot and sesame seed salad

Toasted pittas with 3 x dips

Breadcrumbed salmon and lemon wedges (just as well I'm shooting today not the Wheato Downie)

Paprika sweet potato chips (posh)

And a pomegranate, feta and beetroot salad (perfs for me, I'm a superfood lover innit)

Phew!! As you can imagine stuffed bellies all round. Even the models had a good old chow down (damn those fast metabolisms)

10/10 - cheers to Change!!

And a big thumbs up from the hottest photographer in London (as well as Jon and Mike Mills of course)

The Fenner....

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