Sunday, 27 November 2011

Friday Nights Salmon Supper

Friday night saw myself and Snake (the leg is fine now....(thank GOD)) hit the Mills-Davies for a meal set to rival my Posh Sausage and Mash fame.

In between recording several audio notes to send to friends and family in Brazil and Barbados (we took this so seriously that at one point we debated scripts before realising that would be wanky) we sat down to a mozarella and tomato salad followed by salmon teriyaki

Sozza you can't really see this. Damn you iphone 3.

Don't let it be said we don't know how to make an effort....

Ahhh the LOLZ we had.....

Desert: Corporate Jelly Babies (laurence got them free at work)

And a Nesspresso espresso (posh) served with crockery built for midgets

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