Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tuesday's tea- date night at pizza east

After a late night in the off, well actually the studio- but whose being picky? I had a romantic date with a Filipino hottie. He wanted a Vietnamese but after a lunch of Thai I felt 2 Asian dines in one day was OTT, (well for me anyway, this is the man who I've seen eating beef chow mein for breakie) So we settled on pizza east and it was one fine dine.

10/10 food and obvs the comp

The bass is now treating his body as a temple but after a small amount of persuasion ( for that-read absolutely none) We managed to slurp away on 2 carafes of red.

As EVERYONE knows picking and sharing is my favourite type of dining, so we had..

Burrata, spek, and thyme toasted focaccia.

Eaten with lashings of pizza east delish chilli oil.

A simple but amaze margherita, I know he wanted to add meatballs on or some form
Of spicy meat but I refused to acknowledge it.

A side of the best spinach in town

And then more wine...

Oh and considering I had my touch up done by makeup artist to the stars @josebass. The undereye concealer colour was so way off I ended up looking like I was wearing a superheroes mask #backtomakeupschoolbass

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