Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Pretty Ploughmans

Rules in how to create a pretty ploughmans lunch.

Do two hams (in marmalade and mustard),

Arrange cheese nicely on a plate: goats cheese, cheddar and Stilton

Dispense your shop bought hummous into ramekins.

Add chopped lemons and lime to sainsburys cloudy lemonade and pretend its homemade

Put curls of lemon zest on a bought pâté to give the impression you made it yourself (it does nothing for the flavour - if anything it doesn't go. But it makes it look better)

Add bowls of couscous and crudités

Display flowering celery in glasses (very bourgeoisie)

Invite a friend who's a good at baking.....

And there you have it...

Pretty Ploughmans.... Done!!

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