Monday, 30 June 2014

Glasto Grub

I've spent the last five days at Glastonbury.

Which means by all accounts I've survived on a diet of (beyond complex) carbohydrates, saturated fats and cider.  I've now got small planets orbiting my waist...

Well where the healthy eating failed, the taste buds won, as Glasto has the best food on offer of any festival. 

Faves included....

Pie Minister pies. Amazing comfort food when the rain has turned you into festival fodder. I had the steak and ale pie and SCS had chicken. Both with mash and gravy obvs. Turned down the offer of peas, there's a time and a place for vitamins and Glastonbury isn't one of them. The queue for said pies was testiment to how good these bad boys are. Who ate all the pies? Glastonbury did!!!

Secondly, Split Screen Ice Cream
Co. Loved their super cute VW and their ice cream flavours were epic, everything from raspberry pavlova to caramel fudge. I opted for the latter and chose to gloss over the fact it was made with clotted cream. There's a time and a place for calorie counting and Glastonbury isn't one of them.

Last but not least, Annie Mae's mac n cheese. So good I had it for tea on two days. One of them was even as a starter followed by a pulled pork bap #fattyboomboom

They had lots of toppings but the classic 'Annie Mac' was the winner for me. Excellent portion size (read: large) and it was so cheesy you could small it across an entire field. An excellent scent antidote to those toilets....

Same queue situ as with the pies. Snaked round an entire field. Sorry Dolly Parton but Anna Mae's mac n cheese was far more enjoyable than your performance. Although I was impressed by Dolly's use of glittery musical props.

An excellent five days of monumental weight gain! 

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