Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The High Life

So the little Rottweiler eichler has been snapping at my feet to post another blog. It's the German in her. 

What can I say I've been busy jetting the globe with work, Marrakech, NYC. It's been tough. So after an array on intercontinental meals, I was spoilt for choice with which beauty to post about. 

Was it to be the lamb and prune moroccon tagine... Vom, eaten next to Kate Hudson and her bf from that band ... dressed in a non discreet disguise of a turban. Racist.  Or the seabass with arugula on a bed of heritage tomatoes eaten in the 'impossible to get a booking' ABC canteen? 

Like I said I've been busy....

Got home jetlagged and needed grub- I went for the lesser known cashew nut, Palma ham and cherry tomato combo, with a side of full fat coke. 

'The classic' I think they call it....


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