Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday tea

Apols for the lack of posts of late, I've been away at Glasto and busy with work and Nellist is quite frankly slack at best. 

After a tough day of reporting on fashions front line at the Mailonline aka talking extensively about what the TOWIE cast are wearing (Missguided as per) I needed a drink. And some food.

First up a drink with SCS at a local pub called the Squirrel. The Sauvignon Blanc was so bad I sent it back. "We sell a lot of that" the bar manager said. "I don't know why, it's disgusting," I replied. Don't question me you scruffy lard arse.

So after that blip I thought I'd better stick to what I knew for tea. So I went to Sainers and got their famous Taste the Difference cheddar and leek fish cakes. Constantly on two packs for a fiver (you get two fish cakes in each pack) which makes it only £1.25 a meal. Absolute steal.

Inspired by my latest dine at The Alice House (blog post to follow) I had it with a poached egg on top, minus the sauce but with some greens instead. Body is a temple and all that. A temple full of wine. 

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