Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy birthday SCS

I'm clearly obsessed with fish cakes at the mo. I do it with food, eat something so much I get sick of it. I can barely look at those snack pots of king prawns and cocktail sauce from M&S I've eaten them so much.

The fish cake obsession originally began when I lived with Jessica De La Davis and we ate Sainbsurys fish cakes practically full time. Sainsburys fish cakes and gin, that is. I hadn't had the fish cakes since, but upon a visit to the Alice House in Queens Park I figured it was time for a revival.

It was SCS's birthday so we went for a spot of lunch. I opted for the fish cake (obviously - I've just been banging on about them for two paragraphs) which came with a delightfully creamy sauce, a bed of spinach and a poached egg.

I also had a Bloody Mary. Brilliant as they have a Bloody Mary LOYALTY CARD. Buy six and you get one free or some such. Pure genius - they're the only thing that get me over a hangover. Except cheese and complex carbohydrates of course.

SCS stayed true to form and had a burger and a pint. Sounds like something you get in wetherspoons but this is by far superior in quality and taste (and price). Dissappointing in some ways because yes I would like to double up for a £1.

(SCS - not impressed)

Recommended the fish cakes so much I took Sam's mum and auntie there for dinner two days later. They both had them but I had the fish and chips that day FYI. After the M&S prawn pot situ I have to be careful about overkill.

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