Monday, 16 June 2014


It was Father's Day yesterday so myself and boyfriend of dreams SCS descended on chez Eichler for the occasion. 

And while most households up and down the country were having roast dinners, at Eichler towers Les (mum) "fancied a change" and cooked up a storm with paella. 

Paella is one of my all time favourite foods (cheese and sausages come before) so this was a popular choice for me. Especially as I'd just got back from Spain where I was eating seafood everyday. #piginshit

Now, we're a family of big eaters (this muffin top didn't make itself) but even our family couldn't finish this feast. Even with nephew of dreams Oliver in attendance and his dad James who regularly eats two roast dinners on a Sunday. What a guy.

Having had a paella on hols just last week I have to say Les's paella was better than the one I had in Spain. And I'm not even sucking up. What can I say, she's a pro.

Afterwards we had chocolate brownies and ice cream for pud. Then just incase we were still hungry mum cracked out the cheeseboard. By 7.20pm I was forced to change into something with an elasticated waist.

Happy Father's Day Daddio! I'd say it in Spanish if I knew how.

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