Sunday, 1 June 2014

Heart to heart

After an epic week of weddings I headed to the Yorkshire homeland where junior nellist AKA jodie with a beard was bringing home his first serious girlfriend, the Spanish Alba. We decided to make a family feast, after being told that cooking a paella, making a piƱata and donning a flamenco outfit was 'patronising' Whatevs Josh, We hit the butchers for a little inspiration.. We ended up leaving with an ox heart and a jumper covered in red gloss paint- turns out leaning on the freshly painted shop door didn't look as cool as I imagined.

We chopped up said heart, panfried and served with a shallot gravy.

We decided to not tell Alba what it was. LOLZ. After digging in and proclaiming she LOVED the 'beef' we finally fessed up. She went a little pale but took it on good spirits,To be fair she was outnumbered there was nowt else she could do. The night continued with a lot more booze than she expected and rounds of tequilas. 

Putting her capariniah skills to good use. Or ciprianis according to Jane. Yea good one mum. 

            Alba, Welcome to the Nellists


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